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2017-04-19 14:40:52 by VicariousE

Due to the subjective nature of my arcane knowledge and interests, I am unable to contribute anything particularly useful to Newgrounds at this time.  While its been increasingly difficult to enjoy the site's subject matter (mainstream cartoons, music, videogames, etc.) for a number of years, I've done my best to look past the click-bait packaging, and enjoy the talent and hard work of the submissions uploaded here... and I'm kinda tired of doing so.  My bullshit filtering glasses have become uncleanable, likely due to age and a blood disease I contracted from a tick bite in 2012. 

If I had any good sense, I should've went to Mexico or south-east Asia on a "medi-holiday" long ago.  Living in America used to be an equitable challenge, but thanks to the manipulations of bankers and businessmen, it has become a hostile paper tiger to an ever increasing number of its citizens (and the Western world too).

I'm truly at a loss for what good I can do in a place like Newgrounds anymore.

If anyone out there has any questions about the vageries of life as it appears to you, please ask it below.  I have been dilligently searching for your answers for quite some time now, in the hope I can be of service.


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2017-04-19 18:52:12

If it's been increasingly difficult to appreciate anyone whom in your opinion makes good music, does that not mean that people have changed, for better or for worse?

VicariousE responds:

Simple answer would be, yes. There are so many factors facing (and changing) a person as they go through their mortal existence. I'd guess 90% or more of a personality is locked in by the 'age of reason' (age 4-5 or so) is past. After that, many many years can go by before all the nuances finally rise to the surface.

Having worked with musicians and actors in the past, I know not everyone's gonna have a good day, every day. There's always an itch that drives one to become a performer, but sometimes: the itch goes away, becomes bearable/ubiquitous, gets worse, changes position. Bad enough music can be such a subjective art, both in its composition/performance/post-production and how it's received.

(Very generally speaking, I sure wish most people would record and master vocals independently of the instrumental track, sometimes it sounds (or tastes) like a perfect meal thrown into a blender... still tastes ok, but there's no contrast between the side dishes and the main course. In a perfect world, I'd love a mic and track on each drum, 2-3 per vocal, wow, maybe even 6 tracks for each guitar, straight from the pickups!)

But if you're referring to the person, not the music, well, that's just as subjective. There are a lot of actors (writers, musicians, politicians even) I like on stage, but don't like in real life. I didn't care for Madonna's music from the get-go, liked her personally even less, especially after her on-tour documentary went out on VHS. I never had the sense she valued her work, over and above what it could earn her. Some of the articles I've read (this century) quoting her former employees do show she's loyal to her inner circle, to a point... if she felt slighted in any way, the consequences were kinda extreme, and mostly unwarranted. Hard enough to manage an entertainment business with so many close relationships, I guess.

(At the risk of writing off-topic even further) Sometime in my late 30's I was made aware, that some women write a sort of 'moral checklist' - all or most of the boxes must be ticked, if there's any chance of a LTR leading to marriage... everything else is just causal playtime. I guess the question is, where the moral threshold lies, and how open you are... and in between is your tolerance level, which affects your emotions.

I hope this poor sinner's response to your question helps some. For stopping by, I'd offer you a doughnut and some tea/coffee, but maybe these wiki links will suffice. And remember, all art is derivative ( of something that's been done already ;) eg: Simpsons, majority of modern Hollywood flicks



2017-04-20 06:22:03

I feel your pain, but I intensely would not recommend Southeast Asia for a mediholiday. With maybe Singapore being the sole exception, but a tenuous one nonetheless.

VicariousE responds:

My brother spent 2 weeks there on a business trip, and as nice as it sounded on the surface... well, at least there's a variety of places on Earth. If I'm really serious about getting better ($?), gotta look closer to home first, Canada maybe, I know one two folks that might put me up for a little while.

I think it (Singapore) was one of the places where they pay elected officials a very generous salary... but also intimately keep tabs on them as well, and issue quite severe punishments if caught in official hanky-panky. Can only wonder if something like that could work in the West... likely too late for that


2017-04-20 15:23:31

Indeed, it's just good to hear from you.

VicariousE responds:

Oh shit, you heard that? Something nasty sounding woke me up this morning, and I hoarsely screamed at the world from my back porch... in an Eastern direction. Don't give a fuck if I disturbed Wegra, his neighbors look like the sort who scream anyway

Was having a decent dream too, just had a perfect haircut (wish my hair was that thick again), and one of the female barbers was juuuust beginning to give me a nice neck massage before I went about my apparently important, but happy day


2017-04-20 17:51:36

(FYI, and to carry on the conversation, such as it was)

First time I read the Wall Street Journal was in a smoky teacher's lounge at age 4. There were dirty jokes, some alcohol, once I smelled something greener than tobacco... Anyway, only one or two teachers bought newspapers, so I managed to coax the sports section from the condescending, anal male teacher :p Only thing that interested me, was the one or 2 articles on Indy and/or NASCAR racing. Was kinda hoping for a better section, but the guy was keen on preserving all his copies, unmolested at home, "They're expensive, maybe they'll be worht something, if I ever decide to sell them, which I'm not!"

"Have you -ever- gone back to look for an article since you began saving them?"

"Well, not really, I have a perfect memory." He was an awfully heavy smoker. After a month or two, they decided to kick me out so long as I promised to stay in the Kindergarten room between AM and PM classes.... I had to stay for both, because my Mom worked as a custodian there in the evenings, and picking me up would've broken her sleep, so I did a double duty. No AM bus service, so, that's how that went down IIRC

So yeah, been reading newspapers from the 1970's to the internet age (1990's) then stopped. I can tell you, many many stories I read are NOT to be found online, anywhere. Take for example the real life story behind https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crank_(film)

It really did happen. He bounced as they shown in the last few frames of the flick, and yea, he did survive for almost a week. I read 3 sidebar articles on the incident over the course of 2-3 months, the last one reporting his death. Sure made compelling reading!

"But, but, I never heard that, why isn't that in the Wiki??" Guy was a crook, a hitman, and a dead one at that, so that made it a free property. Same goes for old books that have expired copyrights (which can be extended by relations of the author).


2017-04-21 15:47:23

Yo. There was a space bomber but we shot it up, smashed into it with our Reeunk Afterburners and jacked the controls and made it dive into Jupiter. How's stuff?

VicariousE responds:

Oh shit that was you guise?? The old crackpots thought hackers or the CIA popped those transformers, but I guess most of it was another sun fart http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/

Getting better I guess, almost left a message for you on discord, but I'm still figuring out the butter-faec, autistic-fantastic interface. Still kinda on the fence about, well, really ANY site that you can use for free, Cloudflare included. This one guy's convinced it's run by the Pizzagate facilitators http://discordenablespedophiles.online/ Guess the once politically connected Backpage was an easier and older target... guess the interwebs war continues and spreads as the years turn into decades.


2017-04-22 05:08:38

How does one see the forest through the trees, when they are too many got damn trees??

(welcome back)

VicariousE responds:

IDK man, my peripheral vision is way better than most people's, another sign of borderline autism. First time an optometrist put me in the machine to test for visual dead-spots, he somehow thought I was cheating (can't beat the laser).

It's not so much about seeing the tree(s) as in accepting them. Even a single middling tree can cool and respirate, and be enough to inspire the brain to add a few more... guess it depends on how far you wanna travel in said forest.

Personally, anything growing out of the Earth can be either considered a weed (some pretty big ones out there) or a worthy plant. Thanks to foreign trade/bird seed, my former farm's now plagued by a creeping sappy vine, covered in little stickerballs. In the early 1980's it was somekinda Japanese briar that quickly forced out the kinder cat briar.... fucking stupid government. You think they would've learned from history (Australia, Florida, Hawaii, etc.) but nooooo, gotta catch 'em all ($$, not invasive pocket monsters)

(meh, thx)


2017-04-22 16:40:28

At least you're here. That is the main thing. You're at the party.

But what if the party is dead? Partly due to us all being dead and not realising it. Particles and Matter. Does it matter? Was the ride worth it? And I'm not just talking about dangerous Honda bikes. I'm talking about... fuck all! A little glucose for a little boost. Shit! The bastards have dropped the sugar content from 21.8 grams to 11.3 grams! "What the hell is goin' on?" said Neo Babson.

...... But yeah man, welcome back to the... what I would call a... freak show! But its the greatest freak show in town dude. Where else would you rather be? Where else would you rather pee but in those abandoned fields waiting to be taken, like Maggie Grace, but not going gracefully. Time to pick up the pace in the face of World Ruckus the Third. Fuck it, who cares...

VicariousE responds:

Part kinda sucks, when the Tomster's busy scouring his site looking for any and all copyrighted tunes, just to keep the lawyers away, when the bigger sites are almost literally getting away with murder. I'd love to stop down to the office and give Tom a birfday something, but suspect he's still in a funk of his own.

Yea sugar, salt, phat, gimmegimmegimme, ahhhh bogey, no birdie, no fabled eagle, desperately trying to dodge unseen chemical gamechangers.

Meh, the freakshow here's been populated from the stray sheep who escaped the big-top, knowing the tank's shadow provides hot shade from the cloudflare glare's purposeful uncertainty principle. I guess the biggest truth is, we all do care, but the things that bring us together shine dark waves upon our discourse, spoiling and sullying the well-meaning efforts. Diversity is the best thing, but the establishment weaponized it to further their grip on who remains.


2017-04-22 23:38:06

Nice to know you're still with us.

VicariousE responds:

Barely. The conflict of interest I have with this place is, how far outside of real life it's become. Hope I can find a nice birthday card for the maniac in charge, maybe a half eaten cat clinging to a swampy branch, "Hang in there!!1"


2017-05-14 05:02:03

If it means anything at all, I owe you a red pill.

VicariousE responds:

Guess we all need to wake up from something, or at least acknowledge there's gonna be 3 sides to many things: your side, their side and the actual unfathomable truth.
Nah mon, we straight, besides how can you be in debt to a friend? Shit, I haven't even seen some of your stuff, since you produced the 20th collab, like the white rabbit, "I'm late im late im late!!11"


2017-05-15 05:57:43

I too worry about the state of the world and feel I too am out growing the trendy materials here. Even my artwork has lost its darkness as age and passions have turned toward more positive feelings. I am curious how my newer artwork will effect my old fans or if my old fans even are on this site at all... I am sorry to hear about your blood desease, I was diagnosed with celiac in 2012 and that has changed my life drastically. Perhaps it is realization of mortality that makes one out grow and become less tolerable of certain content? Who know :p

VicariousE responds:

The trendy (mainstream homages) here never really applied to me, only played one Sonic game, a handful of anime movies, never owned a Mario game... but it's the individual's take on these concepts that I've found interesting. Both dark and light inspired artwork fascinate me, again, going back to the artist's motivations, and how they visualize and produce it.

Shit, think you're likely right about mortality spoiling the fun pf playing around in this ball-pit of primary colors, and dubious debris at the bottom. But there are plenty of older hangers-on here; the appreciation of viewing and producing doesn't change.

So you're running gluten-free? I'm sure there's a bacteria strain that can cure or mitigate it, but they're trying to cure other diseases generated by our chemical soaked civilization. If I get get treated, I'm wondering if I should refrigerate my poop or get a fresh bacteria transplant (brown milkshake :p) from someone healthier. When the practice was first mentioned last century, my folks and I thought, "gross, but OMG, doesn't that make all the sense in the world". Fecal therapy without the politics... what a world, what a world (melts into Oz).

As an old male fart, I've consciously cut down on grains and such, except for pizza (they make gluten free crust around here, but I can't get that fussy); between the parasites and my back injury (surgeon said there would be a 70% chance I'd get obese, just from getting my discs trimmed), it's a battle of the bulge of sorts.


2017-05-15 20:14:56

Haha that's okay man, I haven't been very productive anyway as of late. Guess this mad hatter should stop attending Alex' tea parties. Lately I'm much better educated on American politics than on national jibber jabber, or at least the alternative views thereof. I've been trying to find alternative news within my own country but it's hard to come by. Some people on youtube have been re-uploading footage of Dutch and EU related news but that's as good as it gets. One video I managed to find however was a crazy interesting discussion about the Dutch constitution from 1815 which was still applicable in 1940 when WWII broke out. Our queen and prince left the country in military occupancy to the Nazis when they fled to the UK. Having returned after the war, our queen at the time appointed a new government but this was not done through democratic election, meaning it wasn't in accordance with the constitution of that time. As such, our government has not been constitutional since that day, meaning many of our laws do not apply and we're pretty much still officially under Nazi regime. One could even say the Netherlands do not exist at this point, what a fucking puppet show that would be! Interestingly enough, this also means both the Euro and the EU are non-existent according to the Maastricht treaty which was signed on Dutch soil. That's what the video says anyway, I don't know enough law or Nazi history to confirm any of this. Our royal family is quite mysterious however, what with prince Bernhard's Nazi history and the all the Bilderberg crap which his descendants so lovingly still attend to this day. What am I to think of all this?

VicariousE responds:

"Who's the best pilot you ever saw?"

The same could be said (about legal lines of governance) if you look far back in US history, back when 'the tyranny of the mob' forced Americans into a republic, after the end of the war for independence. Some say we've never been completely free from her/his majesty's government, and that we're all tenants of USA Inc, or American States, holdings or something. Anyway, it's still on the books lol, can't find the bookmark, but it's quite ludicrous, no follow up statutes or laws on how that's supposed to be carried out.

The Bilderberg meetings are a worry, no doubt about that, and all elected US officials attending, are in breach of law, by attending a meeting with no public transcript/minutes, yet that law's been broken often.

Western governments only govern on paper, merely for our show, it's the elite who pull the strings. Not even the CIA can mediate anymore, which was their real job after WWII. Huge war is over, and all the money is in the hands of the companies who won it; when you've got money, you don't have to worry about jaywalking or influence peddling.

After that, free trade (laughingly) was supposed to 'level the playing field' by allowing cheap imports and cheap immigrant labor into countries that still had money in the hands of its citizenry, but only through the elites floodgates, and under certain conditions, so as not to spread the profits out to silent majorities. That money is now almost gone, consolidated in the hands of the old and new elite... all without a war.

There are so many examples of this usury out there :p Let's take non-Dutch chocolate.....

Even in an aircraft, your King is still in a gilded cage, likely over the remorse of humanity's gangster governance.


2017-05-21 15:36:43

Funny how I should first pick this news up from New York Times. I discussed it with a few people, seems not everyone is aware of our royal pilot. My stepmother went as far as to say there's nothing special about the whole thing. Say what now? The knowledge I have on American history is lacking quite a bit but I do find it interesting. So the theory suggests America belongs to the royals of England then?

Bilderberg's coming up again soon by the way, isn't it? It usually takes place towards the end of May or the beginning of June so it must be. I really wonder what the turn-up will be; Inside but also outside of the gates. Do you think there'll be many people showing up outside the building this year? Relative to former years I mean?
Something tells me this whole thing could be a psyop, a distraction to misguide reporters at the airport while attendees are told to board their next plane and fly off to a secret location. Who knows? Something disastrous may happen with all the alt-right activists outside the gates of a vacated building. Let's hope not.

The elite have definitely tried their best at ruining economies around the world, George Soros being exceptionally infamous. Ever seen the interview with Dutch banker Ronald Bernard? If you haven't, I highly recommend it.

VicariousE responds:

Yeah that's one theory I had read about, though anytime you want the real truth of any matter, follow the money, to see what's what. Biggest problem is, the richest people on Earth can hide almost anything, especially their families, de-concentrating the wealth and the finger pointing. Foundations are a way for very rich individuals to hide wealth as well, look at the Clintons, prime example of influence peddling and graft.

It's a planetary mafia meeting, the turnout will likely be 100% for attendees, for fear of being suspect or non-complicit. Interesting location this year, very near https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_City,_Arlington,_Virginia where our military-industrial complex is administered, creepy. Yea, I remember that kid in the video, glad he's still fighting. Just sucks we can't enforce our own laws regarding attending secret meetings (or at least banning those who attend from being elected, or hold government contracts)

Ronald Bernard... figures his biggest advice was to follow the money. Haven't watched the whole video yet, but I'd say thanks for the red pill in advance


2017-05-23 20:50:14

its good to know that you're still here, vic.
you are a good person, and a pleasant friend to talk with, any time.

you are feeling that this place is empty/without valuable movies+songs?
dont be dissapointed!

just dig a little deeper, and you will find some true diamonds in here...
BTW, what are your tastes in flash movies/music/art?
what things do you love from NG, and what things you dislike about NG?

as for me, i like funny flash movies/parodies, and i like listening to various rock/blues music from here, while i chill out.
its nice.
(also i review said movies/songs/art that i watch...)

anyhow, tell me your news, and if its possible, dont leave NG!
we need more good people like you, imho.

VicariousE responds:

Yeah there's some diamonds. The problem is, I can't seem to run a lot of them! So far the new Construct 3 games seem to be OK, but Unity and some of the other ones just won't run on Firefox... bad enough they dropped Flash support for the 32 bit version of FF.
I guess it's the internet in general that's pissing me off - Google is an immoral monopoly that should've been broken up a long time ago, but without them, the internet as it is won't work. Now there's only 5 big tech companies running the show, and they all should suck an EMP, let some of the little guys like Tom have some legit competition...

Some sites like Facebook won't even let you look at user pages unless you have an account, which is crap considering public services are relying on them to relay (sometimes) crucial info.

Plainly, it's all gone wrong and the black hat guys are going to be even that much worse when it comes to disrupting the internet as we know it... and why shouldn't they, considering the evil marriage between big businesses and shadow governments. Good thing I've got enough unread books to last what's left of my limited life


2017-06-02 02:13:19

They say the world is what we make it. Yeah? I make it to be pretty shitty right now. Optimism has been slain it's plain to see, that humans are slaves to pain, it's strange to see.

VicariousE responds:

Almost Biblicaly bad, but, with the US out of the Paris ponze scheme, maybe what's left of the public's money will be better spent? Eh, not rly, but kicking fat cats from feeding trows may help.


2017-06-03 01:49:59

'Public money.' That's an oxymoron if ever I heard one. You know the drill... spend billions on defencr and if there is any loose change left over we'll fix a pothole.

VicariousE responds:

Eh, skrublords like you and me pay for the pothole filling, the big corps' tax bux finance the war masheen, gotta blow up the old stock to make room for the new


2017-06-07 01:34:38

Turns out China and California have made some kind of climate deal. Strange fucking world.

VicariousE responds:

Damn hippies are playing right into the commies hands.


2017-06-07 03:03:04

how about we ditch the 'anthropogenic global warming' drivel used to push certain economic agendas and create an agenda that sets to not harm the Earth?

VicariousE responds:

Mama earth does not have a bank account, that's why lol. Ironic that the B&B Circus is no more, yet the phase 'a sucker born every minute' and 'this way to the egress, 1$' lives on to this day.

I'm all for lowering particulates, gases and other iffy stuff like the next treehugger, but that carbon buying scheme, like banking, has ppl waiting for their cut, no matter what.


2017-06-07 04:36:57

Hippies and Commies joined at the hip.So pull down zippie and suck my dick. I wonder who the next Govenor of Chinafornia will be? I vote Liu Yifei!

VicariousE responds:

Maybe Chan Jackie?


2017-06-07 16:54:48

Jackie Chan - Governor of California? it's got a ring to it...

And that ring is the sound of alarm bells ringing!!!!!!

VicariousE responds:

Arnie Schwartenuggie was a good Gov, so was Jesse the Body.
Alarm bells, like wounded folk who can still cry out for help: not too bad.
It's the deafening silent steamroller of which we should all be concerned, you know, the one that sponsors the news, the new assault vehicle, the new anti-insanity pill, the new bug spray. Making way for our Antarctic alien overlords, how they must laugh at the songs and dances we weave over our future graves.


2017-06-08 09:05:36

but you have been here for so long since 2001

VicariousE responds:

Late 1999, early 2000 I've been coming here, but I don't draw, produce music, animations or video games. All I can do is blow digital hot air, that's about it.

The Construct 3 Jam we had was sure something though, was shocked almost all of those games worked! I wouldn't mind doing a text based game with some royalty free pictures and medals (have to have medals, or else a good 20-40% of the gamers here won't even bother).


2017-06-09 06:23:24

i would say, to a certain degree, this place is starting to get saturated with content developers. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's always nice to have a balance of people who specialize in 'blowing digital hot air'.

VicariousE responds:

That's something the content providers need to work on, if they wanna succeed. Not just in garnering attention, but in making pitches, dealing with criticism, offering advice to others. Making a living seems to be a bigger deal, than talking shit and uploading stuff they did in between jobs to amuse themselves.

BTW, have you ever seen "Hamilton"? Ugh, just dropped one buying 2 plain and one bacon and chicken slices o pie, 2$ change, and 1$ tip in the plastic mayo bucket leaves me with one to wipe my puckering asshole with


2017-06-12 00:09:45

You think this is the real Governor of California? Ha ha ha.. it is! See you at the next Political Conference Richter!

You're right, it was better with Arnold as Govenor.

"If I'm not me, then who the hell am I?!"
"Er... you're the Governor of California, Arnold. Surely you remember?"

VicariousE responds:

Now that would've made a great Flash back in the day, Arnie never did have any breakout hits here, Charlton Heston did though http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/4635

Can still call him Governor, though in print (retired), imagine it's similar where you are.


2017-06-13 02:31:33

Our Guv'nor was Lenny McLean. A different kind of Govenor I guess.

For some reason the Heston flash is not compatible with my device. I will have to open it on the laptop later. This tablet doesn't allow me to create new blogs either which is pretty inconvenient.

VicariousE responds:

Hmmm the only pubs that survived our founding are in the NE, where the populations was decimated by the Civil War. There was a faze in the mid 20th when big celebs owned classy restaurants (with full bars of course), I guess we the people had more than a few coins to rub together back then. All restaurants have been in attendance decline for almost a decade now.

Very few hostels here either, though there's some on the West coast, some major cities. If dat tablet won't play mah 8-tracks it kin go 2 hell. 17 y/o flash man I feel old, actually it's older than that, but after romp.com folded, one of the authors uploaded it here. Some samples from each series can be found archived here http://theromp.biz/


2017-06-13 22:47:03

holy crap forgot about theROMP...did a bit of research, the guy's a multi-millionaire (son of former talk-show host, CEO of Disney & Paramount, and wed to a top fashion designer). thought he was just some elusive guy that got a couple of average (imo) flashes that were made at the most opportune time of the interwebs

VicariousE responds:

Not sure I knew that back when the site was in operation, which is good, no need to keep dropping daddy's name. Sure didn't know he bagged a glorified seamstress. 10 years previous to that, I wrote a 1 act play for my HS drama class called 'A Michael Eisner Christmas' which was never meant to be produced. Kinda figured the (new) CEO ran things by the seat of his objectifying pants....

Guess I was always a sarcastic and nihilistic sour puss


2017-06-14 22:05:44

Sorry for the late replay. I myself Have fallen out of NG from time to time, but mostly its in comfortable waves. NG is kinda like that cool nonjudgmental friend, who knows youre busy or going through shit, but will come back and still have his arms open for you.. he has that same silly humor, but you just feel like theres been some growning up happening while you were away, and thats still really nice.

VicariousE responds:

I caught some of what you said to Troisnyx while I was catching up with some her posts (since I've been doing what you've been doing w/ NG lately). I appreciate the rational candor you showed her... but haha! to be young and hungry, so eager to be famous, for simply doing what you like the best. And like the man said in one of the later Shaft movies, 'money always matters'.

Over 20 years of commercial money into the online world, and the cruel pyramid is up and funneling even more money away from the public. OK so the base has shifted, and the most viral get rewarded, a phoenix fire set to the old print and broadcast agencies... but the monopolies, the lack of consumer and constitutional rights, really suck. And the news can only satisfy the stockholders by creating more foment, and not pressing the actual actionable matters. Like, grr, you know?


2017-07-11 21:10:39

off-topic but damn I am craving arugula right now!!

VicariousE responds:

Arugula, iceburg lettuce, swamp cabbage, maybe there's a thread there lol


2017-07-13 00:13:30

here's some fuel for your revised end of days conspiracy come 2020 ;)


VicariousE responds:

Unless the big cube upends itself near a shoreline, likely the bigger prob might be the salt content of surrounding waters, might produce more clouds/water vapor than usual?


2017-07-21 20:19:42

swamp cabbage, is that slang for a more common Western green, or did you mean this exotic thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipomoea_aquatica - looks good, don't think I've ever tried it

iceberg lettuce, perhaps the most popular leafy vegetable amongst Americans, but really has nothing to do with the recent hippie health greens craze...I'm more of a Romaine guy myself. I guess as a farmer you can attest to iceberg heads getting larger at the expense of losing flavor over the years.

VicariousE responds:

I'll get a pic for ye, bad tick season but I gotta go next door anyway, where the back of the backyard is quite damp, needs to have the ditch cleared, but the roots... bring on the zika pandemic lol. Have to boil it for at least 8 hours to get the funky odor out of it, it's common up here, but hell to try n eat.

Yea ya, but I grew up on lil head lettuce, not the monsters their making now, but ones which had a shit ton more green in the center and a better vibrant taste (less water, filler)


2017-08-10 03:59:05

No way Crank was based off a real event; links or it didn't happen.

(Updated ) VicariousE responds:

Used to be a time when newspapers were all we had, and since the eastern European hit man in question died soon after he fell out of the helicopter, it was a free (intellectual) property for a screenwriter to compose and market.

Can tell you this though, there's no money in it for newspapers to go back and transcribe old news from microfiche to digital print. Believe me, growing up with 1980's TV was so bad, I looked forward to reading our crappy local paper, for obscure news abroad. I even asked my relatives and they said it was a minor blip on the Cali TV news, then gone. It was a quick spectacle on the new helicopter traffic cam, some info from the local paper, a few follow ups, then... he died, end of story.

Even then, you wouldn't believe how many nuggets of reality got overlooked, take this for a modern example... http://wehotimes.com/sex-politics-meth-death-west-hollywood/

LA is much better at living crazy, than writing crazy films.

Bonus: 2 examples of expired copyrighted books being turned into cartoons. The first is based on a translated series of stories from China, just before Wells got popular (my teacher noted there was no copyright at all). The second is based on a book... with a lengthy title, that ended with "Liberty's Kids", a post-Revolutionary salad bar of stories, written by a few guys and a woman under an alias.


2017-08-11 00:11:48

So, no links, then. I find your story hard to believe, as you haven't even mentioned in exactly what decade it happened.

Also, growing up with 80's TV is bad? Transformers? Thundercats? Knight Rider? Miami Vice? Come on, now.

VicariousE responds:

I'm 44 y/o and what happened (and read) as a child is still memorable, but the linear (exact year, month) kinda becomes a blur, gets non-linear. Accuracy diminishes over time.. early to mid 1980's maybe as late as 1986, I started HS in '87.... sucks man, can only guess this mini rampage happened between 78-87.

Michael Mann Miami Vice, Police Story (IDK, the one set in 50's Vegas) and the others you listed were the jewels in the shit pile. Guess for most ppl my age, the sit-coms and ever growing PC culture, and the usual mix of bad premises and bad direction/casting preeeety much was the norm not the exception. Tried following Dallas (barf), Smurfs (blue barf, but no choice, def for kids, not much for YA viewing)

If broadcast was so good, why did we lunge towards cable TV? Not just for Skin-e-max and HBO soft core, but independent and hollywood movies. Network broadcast was funding a winner of the day, and the rest of the productions got a meager slice, and they did not want to pay the older production companies for quality content, so they schlocked together what their ad and consumer research ppl told them, what sells.

As someone, who in later years, worked for (established) consumer research, can say without a doubt, it was crap. Small samplings and misleading questions can produce shit content... but who cares? Expense account lunches all around!!1 The rich have always thrown good gold to bronze hearted soothsayers, for a glimpse through the keyhole of success (and stockholder opium, post processed for political correctness).


2017-08-11 08:05:34

we got the same political compass score...

VicariousE responds:

Oh on that BBS thing? Not surprised homie, kinda picks up where I left off with my response to Zero256: the questions to the sheep were a little extreme, I rarely answered in the extremes, just yea, nah. Had a nice spread of questions, just dunno... psycho-linguistics have gotten rly refined lately, gives me an ever bigger headache.

Speaking of which, wow, the best site I've never heard of: http://statement-analysis.blogspot.com/
Teh fuggin waaaat?!!1 So good, I bookmarked it to my News/Weather folder, as he picks apart public statements, let the body of words hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.
Deals with what police do daily: cut the shit, get to the truth of a statement. Reading his analysis on Christie's bridgegate and beach vaca is gonna be my treat after dinner tonight.....


2017-08-13 13:58:00

All right, then.

So I take it you weren't a big fan of All in the Family or Cheers then, huh (I know the former is 70's, bear with me)?

VicariousE responds:

I liked Good Times over the Jeffersons... All in the Family, sorta, a new Carol Burnett show episode would be better. The Muppet Show got iffy towards the end of its run, same w/ Dukes of Hazzard. My Pop was a Polish Archie Bunker, so... that was like a reality TV show for my Ma and I to watch, Pop grudgingly watched as well.

Cheers, fine, loved it (sometimes you could taste the ink of the script thru the performances: some recycled subjects), not so much with the chick they bought in later, but still palatable. MASH was my go-to, along w/ Star Trek:TOS, first season or two of MASH and ST:TNG were cringy to watch, but got immensely better, as time and cast got the flow down.

Never heard of anime back then, just cheapie Hanna-Barbera, Rankin Bass, the usual MGM/Warner stuffs, what little was imported was the inking and such from south korea or japan (after their prices got too high)

Gonna make a new newspost soon, some vids and pics.
I got a buddy my same age in the Philippines, just did a music video for no budget, fucking loved it, flawless and simple. He used 3 different lenses on a remote cam, I'm so rusty anymore, didn't even notice.

There's times I miss producing, like, when there was good money involved, and I could throw more at the sets and cast, than post-producing on Avid in a video sweet at 170$ an hour :| I miss the old economy more than I do producing though...


2017-08-14 02:31:00

You're not the only one; oh, to have rental stores and places like Coconuts come back en masse.

VicariousE responds:

A lot of old time things are becoming endangered in the Information Age.

I had a friend who bought a local video rental place before the bottom totally dropped out, and the previous owners had sacked a good fifth of the most sought after titles (and deleted their entries from the database). After the store closed, I was given a majority of the surviving VHS's, and all the stored slipcovers, both flattened and the styrofoam filled/clear packaged/numbered display cases.

Spent most of the winter matching up tapes to cases, took up a rather large room to do it. Guessing I have around 400 or more 20th century movies. Some of them were really well recorded, and on a 6 head VHS player, would be pretty damn close to DVD quality on playback.

I doubt it, but you might like a flick called, "Be Kind, Rewind" set in urban NJ, has it's moments... Kinda prefer "The Station Agent", as a modern in-NJ-flick... that small dude from GoT had his big break in that flick, also got to snog Michelle Williams


2017-08-20 12:42:00

Funny you mention that movie; I actually saw it about 3 or so weeks ago.

It was ok, but really stretches the suspension of disbelief, mainly because no one in the town bothers to acknowledge the fact that the movies are obvious fakes, which rather diminishes the communal message the movie seeks to make, imo.

For in-NJ movies, my favorite is Clerks.

VicariousE responds:

You mean 'Be Kinda, Rewind'? Guess it's not so funny, but it impressed me so little at the time, I tagged it GIGO... let into go to the incinerator in the 'memory warehouse' (Dreamcatcher).

Ooh so you like Clerks eh? I softened my view of that fat ill dressed geeklord of the barely adequate... fellow producer interviewed him a few times last century, and while a good deal of water has run under all our bridges since then... OK we traded some cryptic texts, think we're on the same warped wavelength. He's out here on vacation, hasn't changed much in 17 years, I'll make him speak after lunch this Thursday woofwoofwoof (Kelly's Heroes)


2017-08-21 03:34:48

Get him to make Clerks 3. I'll slap around Jeff Anderson myself if I have to.

VicariousE responds:

Smith and I more or less started working on our first movies at the same time, only he had family to borrow cash from, and student film stock, college drama students/family. I had a crappy VHS camera and a decent script, not much else, was to be a proof of concept thing I could market around.

Only so much you can do as an independent producer and director, gotta go in as strong as possible AND with extra cast/stand ins, because Murphy's Law reigns :p


2017-08-28 02:37:11


VicariousE responds:

Oh, sry. Didn't make lunch or dinner with him before he went into the city (lower Manhattan) w/ his family for their final 3 days on the east coast.

I've got a copy of Tusk, gonna have to watch it sooner or later.


2017-09-01 09:13:15

Man I never even began to contribute to this site besides spam. Originally wanted to get practice on voice acting.

These united states arent especially looking too good as of late. Funnily Ive recieved some offers to move in with strangers elsewhere.

VicariousE responds:

Puh I've gotten so lazy, haven't even done VA stuffs. I keep letting the outside semi-feral cats keep me in the house, and my mic and laptop are in the outside garage, which I can only use at night, thanks to the ever breeding suburbanites infesting my childhood homeland.

If I was under 30, didn't have a book and record collection, I'd be defecting from Murica too.
But yeah, look into it seriously, not every country's the same, but the States are going to have a lil revolution soon, that much is obvious. Not a people's civil war, but a fat-cats war, with us citizens in the middle. Doubt it will last long. Also doubt it will resolve anything other than keeping the citizenry under heel.


2017-09-03 08:43:10

Ive got my baggage

VicariousE responds:

We all got baggage, and the older you get, the more of it you got.

Might be worth 'getting out while you're young', depends on how much you can save by moving, and it's hard to know that before you left. Most of the time folks will travel to find a good job (one where you can get raise, after you become indispensable), then scramble to find a cheap flop.

The hardest trick, to me, is walking out the front door, masquerading as an extrovert, but it's the only way to kick things down the road, as it were....


2017-09-09 08:14:51

I totally relate to that last sentence.

VicariousE responds:

Once you can get your heart wrapped around something that earns you a bit of coin, you'll do fine.
Best jobs I had, never needed to set my alarm clock.


2017-09-23 03:13:28

so your favorite jobs started in the afternoon? btw, grass ain't greener anywhere, unless you got a ticket back to the 20th century

VicariousE responds:

Youre right the grass aint greener anywhere, but when the costs of owning parts of the landscape increase, it becomes a money issue, aesthetics be damned, sadly


2017-09-27 11:45:45

Glad to see some things on Ng will never change ^^ hope your well man!

VicariousE responds:

Feel like crap, only so much hell raising I can do any more lol, still trying to avert my gaze to the horizon, and not the crap (bills, health, mindless drones) I have to tip toe around once I walk outside my door.


2017-09-29 23:03:43

Hi Steve ._.

VicariousE responds:

._. Well hello to you Brandon, I do miss your company. It's funny but there's very few women who clean for a living I'd like to be around, but guys who clean? Best sort, right next to farmers as far as good company. Sure hope some positive things have been happening in your universe. Heard about the property tax increase ._.