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If a global earthquake should take place, please read this

2016-12-25 01:16:04 by VicariousE

Let it be known: These are just a few of my recollections of an old woman's speech to me and two other boys, over 3 decades ago, in the late 1970's.  I was just a little kid, and she told me about the future to upset me, as punishment for accompanying (and not stopping) the  egg-throwers.  Problem is, everything she predicted about the future, has so far come true.  I've since verified she had been dead for almost an hour, happened to her when she was a little older than I was, in the 1910's.  She had gone for a moonlight skate on a frozen lake near her home with a friend one night, she fell through the ice, died, and was resuscitated after a colossal effort.  After that, she saw things in dreams and semi-lucid moments.

I've delayed writing this for some time, but it can't wait any more.  It's not my prophecy, it's hers, and she told me because she knew I wouldn't try to make a buck off the disaster (another lame reason for the delay in publishing, not that any of you plebs mess around with shorting stock, playing with derivatives, and other amoral financial shit).

On or just after Christmas, December 25th 2016 (4 years and a few days past the Mayan's doomsday date), several things are due to happen:

  • A large red object will be visible in the southern hemisphere, approaching and passing the Earth.  It's possible something traveling along with this object enters our atmosphere, and makes contact with either land or water.
  • The Chinese mobilize a million troops to another country, likely Syria.
  • A swarm of earthquakes culminate into a large, global earthquake, all humanity will feel it.
  • A tsunami destroys the Brazilian city of Rio and a number of smaller cities along the South American coast.
  • Hours later, the press will report that there is no tsunami threat to North America, that their elevation buoys read no significant swell.  Those reports will be in error, people will go back to sleep, and awake to the roar of fast approaching death.
  • Large waves will form in the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and they will move west, the Earth's rotation carrying the land towards them.  The oceans of the southern hemisphere are sort of shallow, while the north's oceans are quite deep.  Anyone who's ever jumped into the shallow side of an Olympic sized pool will tell you, almost a minute after doing so, a large crash of water belts the deep side's wall.
  • The new day will be 2-3 hours longer, as the sea swell's landfall slows the Earth's rotation.  Mini ice age sets in.  Planet's orbit around the Sun also slows....

Death toll from the event: 900,000,000 and not the soon-to-be-reported 1 billion.

I am deeply mortified about this.  In fact, I did my damnedest to repress this unforgettable meeting of so long ago.  But I had to repress it for obvious reasons: sanity, normal childhood/adulthood, hope for my career, future, etc.  4 years ago I thought 'that day' arrived, and made a great effort here and at home, to notify all I could persuade... but with my father's embolism and passing in the last few months of 2012, my mind was puking on the pogo stick of life: got my facts wrong.  I knew that after John Glenn and Castro passed away (she mentioned those specific names), that -this- was the year, time as we know it, ends.

The map below is my approximation of where the wave will strike North America, based on her careful description, along with a map I once saw on a privately run TV station, not long after meeting the old psychic (it was a never-to-be-seen-again special about prophesy, vague, but a lot of the content panned out).  The wave may extend further north by a few hundred miles, being north of the Mason-Dixon line when the shit hits the fan is a must.


If any of the bulleted things (plural) above should happen, get moving, the life you save, is the one reading this right now, and whoever else you can get to head north and west, away from the wave.

I could stay silent on this, publish this appalling prophecy after the first shock waves hit, but I can't chance it.  She also told me I'd be out of power for 3 days, and not 7 days like what 'Superstorm' Sandy did, in late 2012.

Bottom line: If you live along the Atlantic coast, you can get to safety, even if you're in Florida or deep Texas, but you have to leave as soon as you hear that Rio's been destroyed.  Once the wave hits the Caribbean islands, you might not have the time...  I imagine the eastern coastlines of India and China will also be greatly affected, Europe should be fine.

It's hard to speak the worst aloud, let alone write it, but I can faithfully say 'I did what I could, for who I could', even if it is a microscopic effort.  All we can do now is hope for the best, even if it makes me look like a damn fool.


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2016-12-25 01:29:57

I can't read all of this. In a short description, just tell me what's happening

VicariousE responds:

Big earthquake, tsunami forms in the southern hemisphere, gets big as hell in the north, then moves west, throwing our normal orbital tilt off a lot... the end of time as we've known it.


2016-12-25 01:41:54

@JustAPunnyGuy In short words he knew this lady who is able to predict things and has a prophecy that after December 25th of this year a global earthquake will take place and kill over a 1 billion people. I doubt it's true.

VicariousE responds:

Under a billion, but yeah I'd like to believe it's a crock of shit too. She nailed the internet, 9/11 and tons of other events, why would she fabricate the rest?


2016-12-25 03:11:45

@BlueAlpha14 Thanks for the description. That was a lot of fake (or maybe not) information for you to take in, wasn't it?

VicariousE responds:

Who knows if it's true or not, but knowing is half the battle?


2016-12-25 03:30:33

@JustAPunnyGuy Eh, I've read longer. I just have a really hard time believing this from a NG user. I've already told myself after the 2012 scare that humans cannot predict the ending of this world.

VicariousE responds:

As someone who's been at death's door, I can tell you, once the mind is overheated/underheated/oxygen deprived, all sorts of metaphysical perceptions are flicked on. This gypsy was chilled to death, and came back when she shouldn't have.


2016-12-25 17:19:49

mfw I live in Arizona: http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view4/4188815/agent-smith-oracling-o.gif

one thing missing from the prophesy: a woman president succeeding a black one

VicariousE responds:

Guess that means that Trumpy won't set the States on fire, and once the public's had their fill, both parties pony up a woman.


2016-12-25 17:20:40

oh, and happy holidays buddy.

VicariousE responds:

Oh yup, I'll accept and return a happy Festivus holiday, not I ever put much time tolerating Seinfeld on the old tube...


2016-12-25 20:58:18

Those ghastly earthly quakes. May as well squeeze in some faps while there is still time.

VicariousE responds:

Like, as soon as I'm done on NG, the same.


2016-12-26 00:17:43

well a major earthquake just shook the other side of South America. Does that qualify??

VicariousE responds:

I think she prattled on for about 40 minutes... she mentioned a single quake down there, and a rapid escalation. Really hope I check out before anything as nasty as this comes to pass.

Been some interesting stuff on how sunspots can possibly trigger earthquakes, and if true... well, the sun's forecast seems to be quite quiet. I'd hate to think it's something we could('ve) prevent, like an incoming rock. http://quakewatch.net/ wonder if it used to be an old game server domain


2016-12-26 10:36:40

"Europe should be fine."

All I needed to hear, to be honest.
Not sure how it'd be fine if this were to happen, though. I'd imagine the coast-line here would expand greatly as huge waves head west, no?

VicariousE responds:

Mediterranean is very isolated from global tidal twitchiness. Considering nothing big's happened to the Earth in quite some time, any stone in the pond can shake some big stuff loose. And if happens far enough south, by the time the initial energy of the impact/plate displacement peters out (like the edges of a crater/AOE), normal tidal/rotational forces will then act on the mass.

It's fucked up, but I believe it's likely, too many damn things point to her being right. Just hope it isn't a man-made disaster, the psychic said a good chunk of western Africa would break off, but even if that's what kills part of North America, well that's only 200-300 million max... she didn't know what caused the wave, other than what preceded it.

Another fear is, governments will likely all go into Marshall law, shooting civvies going into the aftermath (to loot, if possible), also to cut down on what Hillary once called "useless eaters". How many nuclear reactors will get smashed? What farmlands will be left?


2016-12-27 11:53:11

You mean to tell me this girl knows everything and can predict everything accurately. If that's true please tell me why I'm not hearing about this on the news and instead I'm hearing about it on an Internet platform. You're claiming it should've happened years ago, but it never did. It hasn't happened yet, it won't happen in the future. The mayans couldn't predict the end of the world, I highly doubt someone who magically survived death can.

VicariousE responds:

She was born just before the first world war, and died in the early 1980's. Out of some sense of personal loathing, I don't recall her name, but I did check online after a relative in the area refreshed my memory (no internet record). She was in the local papers 3 times, once after she survived, once when she was on radio or TV, and of course, after she kicked in the obits.

As she said, the Mayans did figure it out, but whether they were in error by 4 years (and some odd days), or we were in error in translating their maths correctly... or the lead researchers purposely let out junk science (to prevent future panic), I don't know.

I'm sure most people who've survived being dead aren't touched by extra sensory perception, but most of those who do have the 'sight' likely have been through some type of hell.


2016-12-27 20:12:42

It's not the Earthquake that I'm worried about, it's the drunk on a moped doing 100 mph shouting, "yee haw, me gon' play me some carmageddon!"

It would be later known as the 'tragedy that nobody could have predicted.' Except Nostradamus, but he was having nose surgery at the time. A routine op, a deviated septum, a deviant mind.

A global catastrophe, but the warning cracks were always there. Those fissures looked fishy, as were those fishes out of water. Flapping and flailing comically, before being stamped on by the convicts who we thought were being monitored electronically.

All the monks in the monasteries couldn't have predicted this monstrosity. This quake... that literally has people shaking in their boots. Unless it's fake, in which case, this shouldn't even qualify as breaking news.

But Vic E's mom has been correct on so many occasions. We must trust this lady's judgement, for her prophecies may grant us enough time to save ourselves. While Nostradamus is still in the hospital, having his nose surgery completed.

But really... who nose what will happen? Will cracks literally separate the Triple Divide Peak? Will people in the aftermath be too shocked to speak? Will martial law march Nietzlawe to some bizarre deep place of marble arch, for trying to play the hero? Will they accuse me of losing my marbles?

Who knows? All that is important is that Vic E's mom saw it coming? When it was time for heaven, she predicted the Internet, and 9/11, as well as 97 other upcoming theories that we might be threatened with.

VicariousE responds:

I'm still angry that Nostradamus' work hasn't been properly translated, and the few texts that were done right, are mysteriously out of print.

While I appreciate your prose, the woman I'm largely referencing was not my mother. Worst random encounter of my pre-pubescent life.

It's important to point out the last thing she mentioned to me: if she knew the future, so did a few other time-seeing psychics, she guessed there might be a half a dozen (sane) ones in the whole world. The more power you control, the more information you have access to.

I'm disclosing my once purposely repressed memories of this (and other) nasty predictions for a reason. If the Earth does suffer a severe water displacement, it will likely affect the speed of our orbit around the sun. At this point in time, there are no planet-killing rocks in our future. But that may change.

She said other things as well, but it's all for shit if no one believes it.


2016-12-29 04:42:47

I've had dreams of this, and I hope I'm wrong, but my hair is standing on end thinking about it (I live in the south, where all this shit is supposed to go down, and everything I love is here). I've also died, successful suicide, drowning, followed by resuscitation. Ever since, I've been extremely sensitive to EMF, changes in air pressure, and have a propensity for absolutely uncanny gut feelings. My ex-girlfriend is convinced I have premonitions after I once dreamed of all the lights going out in her car, going down the road after passing a Shell station and a cement truck; sure enough, her alternator died, and we had to pull over.

Regardless of whether the prophesy or not, the Bible does tell us building on the coast is moronic, right? Probably because shit like this happens. I hope we're wrong on this one though.

VicariousE responds:

Skirted death many times myself, worst were 2 massive infections before age 6, I've also had dreams come true. I live about 30 miles from shore (where my grandparents settled), where the ground was excellent for farming, but not paving over and settling in large numbers.

All my love to you, and all our brothers and sisters along the shore.


2016-12-29 15:15:53

This sounds more apocalyptic than I was expecting. Actually have been hearing similar whispers about oncoming change, need to stock up on food etc etc, so I guess if this does happen the whole world will be affected, regardless of where the wave impacts. Slower days, longer time for the sun to reach, but warmer days too when the sun does... would a change of pace be enough for a global ice age? Even without a change in rotation though, research predicts we'll be entering a 'little' ice age within a decade or two, due to reduced solar activity.

Though I'm intrigued by prophecies like this, I don't really know what to believe... suppose I'll be convinced soon if the earlier events on your list do come to fruition, and so the world. Well, interesting read, and good initiative if it does come to pass, and @EDM364 that's pretty eerie to hear! Best be prepared for the worst. Glad to see Europe's not in the storm's eye at least... wonder if you're preparing for this btw? Stacking up on supplies?

VicariousE responds:

The psychic who told me of these things was not overly educated, or imaginative enough to understand what our life is really like now, filled with electronic and scientific wonders. I had the impression she was watching future events, through the eyes of others, not their brains.

She also mentioned she had been approached a few years ago (before I was born), to participate in collecting data on future events. Somehow she managed to give them the bare minimum of info and got cut loose... she was the better psychic, by far, she crowed. But again, she was left to figure out what she saw by herself.


2016-12-29 23:02:52

Nobody will believe it until it's actually happening. There are things I read during the 2003-2005 era in a very brief document, kind of like what you have above, bullet points of things that were going to happen in 15-20 years time. The scary thing is that most of it happened so far. The only one on the list that didn't happen which shocked me, was that Hillary didn't become the President.

I mean back in the 2003-2005 era the document actually didn't just say generic terror group, they literally used the word Isis. And low and behold, a few years ago they magically appear.

Some of the other things mentioned that are due to happen include WW3 in 2018, the monarchy being abolished, power cuts. I wish I had printed that document at the time and kept it until now because it said a lot of shit briefly which has happened or is happening.

Hopefully most of it is just conjecture, coincidence or complete and utter tosh, because if the things you have bulletpointed come true, and the things that I saw bulletpointed come true, we have a hell of a smash up on our hands.

So much for ushering in the Horus era. The world is going to need more than a plague doctor.

... Until then, I will sit back, drink my vintage port and fap myself into oblivion until the inevitable happens.

VicariousE responds:

You know, I saw that same document, and almost all of it was mentioned and accurate by the psychic I met almost 4 decades ago. "... a female president, but not who you think.", she meant Hilly, damn my rusty brain. Guess it's a foregone conclusion that at least 2 female candidates will be running in 2020.

Yeah, my psychic mentioned Isis and ISIL as well, saying the latter of the 2 would be much, much worse, the fucks are destroying ancient cities and sites at every opportunity |:

(I responded to comments 2 days ago, somehow the text didn't stick)


2016-12-30 01:43:35

As I've said before, every moment has the potential to be catastrophic. Humans cannot possibly observe everything, and can only predict the future to a certain degree. The mind naturally highlights coincidence, while there's nothing divine about extreme statistic probabilities on a dimension that approaches infinity. What more than likely happened, despite how lucid your memory may be, is the lady gave you some very general omens and your mind has rewritten it over time to particularly accommodate to the current events of the modern world. This type of behavior occurs even more so in the brain's formative years. I presume you didn't write anything down, correct? If you speak to your vandal buddies about the incident, there accounts of the incident are likely to differ. Which you can adopt for your 2020 news-post, perhaps??

(Updated ) VicariousE responds:

We wouldn't need psychics, if our human managers would tell us the truth.

There's no way a large, planet-busting incident can happen, without 21st century technology taking note of it's coming and going. Maybe that's why Antarctica's always been off-limits (to all but hand-picked, big nation-state reps); to prevent normal people from observing and reporting potential ELE events.

In an aside: Shit, this sure explains why my Pop went downhill so fast (dialysis, etc.)
Kinda confirms observations I've made in the past, while mixing cleaning products, other things water related. Had no fucking idea people could be so stupid or cheap... either way, if there is a big shakeup, I wouldn't trust what comes out of the pipes for a while :p


2016-12-31 00:53:45

Just been skimming through some old blogs and caught the Asterix one, as well as finding The Sign of the Beaver. Ahhh, great days.

Did you ever get those Asterix books? And secondly, are they safe during the event of a potential earthquake?

Talking of earthquakes has just made me remember the two wrestlers Earthquake and Typhoon. Yes, I do feel old for remembering those two.

Either way it's irrelevant if this disaster decides to do a number on us. And that number is 666. Sign of the times... well...... Sign of the Beaver.

VicariousE responds:

Yeah I ordered almost all of the ones I was missing, as well as 2 comics for Tom's kids. The rest I've got in PDF form, gotten from nefarious sources online, still would like hard copies though.

I had no idea the equatorial sea-level was a few hundred feet above the reported British sea-level, the one we use to describe pretty much all ocean related things. If our blue ball gets tilted a few degrees off kilter, that in and of itself is more than enough to cause a big washout... so mine (and the old psychic's) interpretations of the event drew some inaccurate conclusions, though the result still sucks ass.

666 is an ancient symbol used in ocean logs/maps to denote incredible vertical swells. The round part of the 6 stays in the middle, with the curled part goes off to 3 sides. Found it in a very old book of symbols at the school where my Ma used to clean. Yet another bit of info washed from the waning years of print.


2017-01-01 21:07:09

I say it was a document, but it was more of a very comprehensive online webpage. But much more serious than those run-of-the-mill conspiracy pages that you see. No mention of silly things, nothing really complicated, almost like a 'matter-of-fact' blueprint on what was going to happen decades ahead of time. I remember a lot of the Agenda 21 information being on the source too.

In my honest opinion, I fully believe that most events are staged by the elites well in advance. And they do this to get the world to a place that is befitting of what is needed for that particular time. The fact that we all rely on technology so much in our daily lives nowadays means that we're likely to see a more militarised world. With the military actually being a significant part of day-to-day life, rather than being hidden in the background. The only way to get people to accept something as intimidating as soldiers patrolling ordinary cities with guns and tanks and checkpoints and exclusion zones is to feign terror attacks. Fund terror and orchestrate MK Ultra suicide sleepers.

I hate to say it, but I feel like the enemies are closer to home. The only problem is that the common man can't really prove it.

Obviously, a lot of elites are driven by their cults. Egyptian mythology is so prominent in symbolising world events, as are comic books. Check out Joshua Dysart.

I think Taoism is a massive driver of what is happening in the world too.

It's very clever of leaders across continents to pose as enemies, but it's a facade. It's all about moving their chess pieces... a.k.a. us.

I was extremely shocked when HC did not become the President. Actually, there was one other thing that didn't happen, and that was Arnold Schwarzenegger being purported to become more powerful than he actually ever did. He disappeared off the radar pretty quickly actually. I remember his ex-wife Maria Shriver being refered to as his 'handler,.'

Completely random question... Did you ever follow the Danny Casolaro case back in the early 90s? Interesting story with the whole Inslaw thing. Weird weird world that we live in, for sure...

If a typhoon strikes Britain, I'll be shouting more than, 'my chicken got soaked.' Actually we get so much rain in this country we probably wouldn't even notice a typhoon.

I didn't know about the history of 666. It's funny how all these symbols are supposedly evil, yet begin with noble intentions. I heard that the swastika was really a peace symbol.


2017-01-02 19:59:04

Hey man how are you doing? I've been closed up to prophecies too and for the same reasons as you, but I've got to say this is kind of freaky. Imagine if it were to happen! Better keep your eyes open, have a plan set out and all... You say Europe will be fine but seeing as I'm from the Netherlands, maybe I should be a little concerned. Much of our land is artificial, a tidal wave could certainly flood my home. At the moment I'm much more concerned about global politics however. I haven't really been the same since those elections... It's good to see that Trump has won and all, but these are very scary times indeed.


2017-01-21 21:06:44

neat creepypasta , has too much doom and gloom , sackcloth and ashes to it however, i heard the world was ending in 2000, it did not, then i heard the world was ending in 2012, it did not, now the world is ending in 2017 ...i'm guessing that a pattern is forming here .

btw, hope you're doing well


2017-01-26 15:22:48

If this was coming from anyone else I figured it for a hoax on pulling people's legs, but you, man I'm glad to see you posting, but sweet Jesus, what cause you to write this? I don't think I've seen you write anything so, morbid? Forbidding? Hope your well man.


2017-01-27 11:22:54

update this


2017-01-28 06:04:58

@deathofsun check his posts circa 2012 lol

hope you're doing alright VicE. it's been quiet around these parts.


2017-02-06 01:19:42

Never mind an earthquake. The only cracks I'm seeing are the cracks of injustice, the crackshot shooters and crackpots who sell crack for so much money it's like they've hit the jackpot. Maybe 'hit' is the wrong word to use. Nowadays it's all about the legal highs and the irrelevant royals being regal with their beagle dogs. Fuck the earthquakes, we have enough problems to worry about. Maybe an earthquake would be a blessing in disguise, swallow us all in its crack while destroying all in its track. Time to change tack, and live each day as if its our last. But hope for the best until we bow out.


2017-02-09 21:56:06

whats up, vic?
i hope that things are OK.

also: nice article, i will read it later on... (its large+im too late for my appointment)


2017-02-18 14:47:21

hes alive and depressed


2017-02-19 14:37:45

War report.
"Sighted enemy SA500 "Stvar"-class Orbital Bomber – shot down same."


2017-02-25 15:35:21

He's alive and well. That's Generation Z for you.


2017-03-23 03:35:45

if you die on NewGrounds you die irl...this post has been brought to you by S3Corpse


2017-04-03 20:31:50

all of those predictions are bullshit. nothing will ever happen


2017-04-12 12:44:14

Just checking in. Are you doing well?


2017-04-14 10:53:55

Agree with @YomToxic hope all is well Vic, we haven't heard from you in a while.
Hope everything is okay.


2017-04-16 10:41:57

Dude, where are you? It's my 50th b/day and there's one person I wish to be speaking to and I guess you know that's you. Expect a phone call. (Yes, I'm serious!)


2017-04-19 04:53:21


When you make that call, tell him that I said hi.


2017-09-08 19:52:48

Earthquake in Mexico.

VicariousE responds:

Yeah big one, likely caused by solar activity... maybe?
I'm on a backup, backup laptop atm, would link you the video to the day before
well here's a recent one, mentions probable causes


2017-09-23 19:13:52

Don't know if it was solar activity or not, but your culmination of predictions seem more relevant now than ten months ago.

I still think something deliberate and man-made causes shit like this. Unfortunately I feel like we're living through an upcoming cull.

VicariousE responds:

Does seem like the narrative I was fed, is becoming more likely. She mentioned an eclipse, with so many, guessing the one that spread across the US is the one she meant, since a lot of weird environmental shit's happened since then.

That's likely true, but for everything there is a season, even if it's a few millennium between cycles.