Entry #100

Entry #100, Made At Newgrounds

2014-04-27 02:58:42 by VicariousE

What can I say just now?  I came, I saw, I met.  It's a fantasy in the movies, where the war reporter huddles up against a wall that isn't being shot at, and actually takes the time to write out, what you've plainly just seen on screen.

See in NJ, God willing.  


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2014-04-27 03:44:05

How was your Pico party? Did you eat the cake? :D

(Updated ) VicariousE responds:

Glad it all went, it cost a bundle, and was butt-clenchly difficult to transport. I had a chocolate fragment from the top of the last piece, but not one slice.... 's for the kiddies. :\ I didn't even eat a piece of the tank. Or the muthafuckin pickles!!

Really hot party, ran around like a kid in a candy store.

My very empty fridge still smells of it... 4 cakes, 80 USD, they was heavy at least.


2014-04-27 03:54:26

VicariousE, the coolest motherfucker who ever lived, the epitome of cool.

(Updated ) VicariousE responds:

GTFO of here.... thanks man, a lot of pain preceded any airs you may have perceived.

You have a surprising profile, my good man. Quite sparse, and your off NG favorites are .. also interesting, if not dated... I see you've suffered a gap in being here as well (looking at reviews).

You talk to anyone else here semi-regualry?


2014-04-27 03:55:58

Interesting, i on the other hand practically missed the whole stream XD.

VicariousE responds:

Don't think you missed much, the video was... singular |:


2014-04-27 05:20:37

you never replied to my pm

VicariousE responds:

I prolly did by now. You made out (booty wise) way better than me :( I got stuff signed by Tom for everyone else tho.


2014-04-27 11:57:18

It was good meeting you in person VicariousE. Your a very cool guy in my book. :)

(Updated ) VicariousE responds:

Cool, I'm in a book! Lloyd's PA asked me some shit about NG, so I'll be an unmentioned source in something he's writing. Shame I couldn't (didn't) corral Lloyd's wife, she seems fascinating!


2014-04-27 14:44:45

VicariousE, the man that I would put my total faith in, to get us all out of a post-apocalyptic disaster.

VicariousE responds:

Mad Max/Vault dweller/Charlton Heston/Joel's not here... but thanks, that means a lot to me, a real lot. I've got some real world bodging skills, and old science articles in my head, who doesn't?

Talk to the eggheads in higher applied sciences, they know what's what, but they get paid to do other shit :\ Mindchamber suggested I write a book...


2014-04-27 19:05:10

How was the pico day party. I wasn't around chat very long to see the stream so I have no idea what happened.

VicariousE responds:

It was a trickle, i"m sure, only one camera on, and just enough for 2 ppl on cam...Cyberdevil said he'd record some, haven't checked in with him yet.

I spoke the name of the Shark on the roof, right before I met Shadman. Holy shit man. He's got the presence of 2 people, no BS, he's a damn impressive human. He was really nice and flattering, but I was scared in a way, I never thought was possible, like dealing with the actual thing in the suitcase....... (Repo Man/Pulp Fiction/Psycho shower scene)


2014-04-28 00:02:18

You should write a book, not just to make a buck, but to make a point that the Earth is fucked unless something changes for the good.

A book that summarises your entire thoughts and feelings on everything that ever is, or ever was. What a hell of a gift that would be to leave to the Earth.

Is this a real alternative ending?


VicariousE responds:

Now that is a tough, through the eye of a needle subject

I'll write it in stone http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones I'd find it hard to summarize social engineering, never went to college for the subject, and the class in high school was too academic, abstract... and why wouldn't it be, you have to live and learn before you can understand advanced psychological concepts.

For real, I think not. But why not? Maybe if they had another 2-3 segments of Mathias in the beginning, hells ya! Bad guy needs depth


2014-04-28 00:27:39

Great meeting you man, if only briefly, was a bit hectic there.

VicariousE responds:

It's a lot to take in, no worries. It was an honor to make your acquaintance.

You certainly are every bit the legend, everyone makes you out to be. I'm not psychic or anything, but even before we met, I felt a powerful force from within you, double the size of most other humans.


2014-04-28 00:47:51

I am changing my name to VicariousE because I admire the strength and respect the name commands. I would vote for VicariousE for president and mister universe because he is just that charismatic and handsome. The VicariousE name should be listed among nobility. I am crying right now because I feel like no one else wants to talk about VicariousE as much as I do. I must be the only person with a VicariousE diary that keeps a record of everything VicariousE has ever said to me and things I hope he will say to me in the future. I framed a PM VicariousE sent to me and my mom wanted me to take it down for my diploma but fuck her, she doesn't know what VicariousE means to me. I wish VicariousE was my dad, my dad sucks, VicariousE wouldn't suck if he was my dad. My life would be misery without VicariousE. Everyday that I log onto Newgrounds and find a new thread to discuss some inane aspect of VicariousE's life fills me with joy and meaning so please let me talk about VicariousE or i'm going to explode

VicariousE responds:

I am a proselytizing, cheerleader, fanboy :p

Hey, I never sent you a PM! I smell form letter!
Oooh, yeah, I know about Tom Fulp, heheh-hm-heh
Cool man, thanks :)


2014-04-28 04:18:34

Pleasure meeting you.

VicariousE responds:

Likewise ZJ! That's the nicest thing anyone can say, to a strange old guy they met off the internet.
Sorry you had to see me botching Joy's box lol


2014-04-28 07:38:39

You should definitively wrote that book, if is not for the world at least do it for MistyEntertainment's sake, look at him the boy adores you! maybe his adoration goes a little too far...

VicariousE responds:

I think his adoration came out of a tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGSFSNt4hqQ

Yeah, book. Need a better setup to type, not 'writing the idea off' just yet.


2014-04-28 12:47:41

lol, You was always cool in my book. I just want you to know. :)

VicariousE responds:

You're every bit the man I thought you were, and more. I'm honored to have met you IRL, and consider you a good friend.

Oh shit, you got a diploma from Tom when I wasn't looking! Make me all jelly n shit |:


2014-04-28 16:31:27

I don't want to sully the original post with an edit, but man I was swizzled, and on one of those crescent shaped keyboards, around 1:30-2am Sunday. Can only wonder whose terminal it was, or if it was just for guests of the office.

I saw some WIN7 disks around, should've asked if he had a spare copy to sell.... along with a couch lol, maybe even the couch guy's couch (who couldn't make the shindig). http://sherbalex.newgrounds.com/ I didn't want to press Emily on the Sherb matter, but she seemed cool with anything I said (I hope, my male oriented glands were acting up).


2014-04-28 16:37:32

XD lol same goes to you! And yeah I can't believe it myself! But you wouldn't need something like that, your a regular to Newgrounds :)

VicariousE responds:

Ah, guess you're right, that's why I stuck with my old account and didn't make another, after I lost my password and accompanying email account for so many years.


2014-04-28 16:53:15

BTW can you send me a copy of the pics we took? :)

VicariousE responds:

I'm just going to zip them all, and let the public get disappointed. Because of low light, I took 5 MP pics, so I might take the best 50 or so and zip them... 130 pics=230 MB O_O


2014-04-28 17:12:13

No matter how many accounts you have, you will always be apart of Newgrounds. You outrank us all. XD

VicariousE responds:

Eh, I still defer to those of a higher Level and Rank, statwhore that I am...


2014-04-28 18:53:31

But could go adding parts of the plot little by little, then get to it when the time comes.

Wait is a well known fact that Emily is a dog that works as an internet porn star at night, and then when the suns rises disguises himself as a man, that then disguises himself as a woman, who then disguises herself as another woman which then uses her womanly image to deceive us and take attention away from her true self... the story of Albert was pseudo-biographical O_o

VicariousE responds:

I've never been much for a story-story. I do better dealing with set anecdotal stuff usually.

... Alfred Alfer, actually. For a short young woman, she's got huge upper assets, and somehow thin as well.


2014-04-28 20:24:58

Oh interesting, but not all anecdotes are actually worth telling, so you still need to take some time at least some minutes a day to choose which one you will write down.

Haha got the name wrong. Is a well known fact that if you are a dog that is using 3 disguises at the same time, the final product will end with a voluptuous body, which works perfectly for his undercover mission, however we know the truth.

VicariousE responds:

I'm not that social, but I remember which stories got the best/strangest reactions... so those ones will probably be good. It'd be better if I was famous, somehow famous ppl are more fascinating.

Okay, so she's/he's a spy, undercover.... so what's under the breasteses, gorgeous smile, and very female voice? Robot from: planet 10, Skynet, or Japan?


2014-04-28 23:46:27

From what I saw, it seems you had a rather good time. Along with most of the other guests.

VicariousE responds:

You actually caught sight of me? I wish I had run of the Chat chair proper for a while... did it seem like there was a lot of camping? Most of the action was in the garage, the roof, or the play area of the office. Some of the younger attendees kinda stuck to wherever they were, didn't mingle much.

Cyberdevil recorded a lot of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjNwFgTOebM&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMP6ppS2Elc&feature=youtu.be Anyway, you, Cyberdevil and Sevenseize all have the same present from me (kinda).... though it is a bit drab :p like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Also snagged a plushie prototype for you, as well as a mark 1.

I was properly toasted at the end of it... Tom gave me a lift to the hotel, he really needs to be canonized, or made 'man of the year' or something. All those good deeds and words would fry my circuitry.


2014-04-29 01:06:24

can you sense any powerful force emanating from me? is it stronger than any two humans

VicariousE responds:

Afraid it doesn't translate well over the binary interface, sry... I was being sincere about Shad.

Haven't you ever met someone for the first time, and felt something odd? I don't even mean eye contact, body language or sex appeal...


2014-04-29 01:12:02

A friend PM'ed me about why he missed the meet, and we got to talking... and I said the trip had personal meaning. @Robotintherain asked what it was.

I haven't drove long distance in a while, and certainly in nothing stable or comfortable to operate. I was in my Pop's well kept truck. He died just before Christmas 2012, and I heard and saw the lightning strike that signaled his passing.... my sis was in the hospital when it happened. My Pop and I used to travel to West Virginia, where he bought land with a few saved tax refunds. It's a 6 hour trip, a little less going back down the hill towards home. The last bug trip we took, was to Cali and back.

When I saw the sign for the PA Turnpike I thought,"I haven't been out of state since both my parents died." It was the sign. I used to help navigate from the other seat, this time I was on my own, and not as prepared as I would've liked. Luckily traffic wasn't bad, and the truck was easy to control, as the roads were well maintained (3.60$ toll in NJ, 4$ toll in PA).

How could I not cry? I was all alone, trying to get to a family I insinuated myself into... But there was a joy to the tears. If you're going to leap big, why not for a cause, or for a person? I only got this far, by learning from my parents, and I'd like to think they'd be proud of the trip I made, and how I conducted myself. Though I think I mingled too much and sat very little, likely a combo of extroverted Pop, and almost introverted and quiet Ma.

I mentioned this to Tom and one or two others, and got a minimal response. They've not experienced the loss yet, but would likely handle it better; having already impressed their parents and colleagues, learned what's involved from others.


2014-04-29 02:52:15

damn...it was worth a shot...could have really used a confidence boost...

after seeing Shad's artwork, it would be difficult not to be in a room with, and not feel just a tad uncomfortable lol

that's a touching reflection above...don't know what to say

VicariousE responds:

Lol, you're not the Lawnmowerman. You've a fine mind and a knack for a wide conversational range.

I took his picture as part of a group, where he seemed mostly silent, he smiled at waved at me just as I pushed the button. "There's that guy again!" He got up slowly, and I felt amazingly free of shyness. I introduced myself by my username, real name and my hand out in front me. He shook it slowly, smiled and said purposely, "I'm Shadman." I buckled at the knees a bit, looked up at him with joy and honor, being extra careful with his hand.

His picture does not do him justice, he's someone you have to meet to believe. Krinkels calls him 'good people' and from a Southerner, that's all the verification I need.

Yeah, it was okay, I visited my grandparents and parents at the cemetery on the way home, which lies in between the Turnpike and the farm.


2014-04-29 03:25:11

Well you're much loved and deservedly so. Cooler than the Seven Shades of Sunday.

VicariousE responds:

I'm sure I made a lot of women nervous... poor Cosmicdeath, what a good sport she was :)
I goofed while signing her box.... Tankman box! I never learned to type without looking, and sometimes Chat befuddles me int he rush... (see?)


2014-04-29 03:43:27

Well yeah, but non famous people have some pretty interesting even crazy stories too, and lets face it you are famous here!

Under it all? is a crazy dog that wants to be an internet porn star, but since that doesn't pays that well, it has to live a tetra(4) life to pay the bills, one of those lives is his Emily persona. DUN DUN DUN.

Interesting, i myself can't imagine what it would feel to travel from one state to another alone in a vehicle that reminds me of my departed loved ones, i think that even replicating that experience would be impossible for me, but it sounds emotionally demanding, or at least like quite thing to go through, or maybe is your poetic vein which puts things into such perspective.

VicariousE responds:

I'm glad someone noticed... a lot of my stories are buried deep in my noggin, and only come out when responding to different word clusters I see on this site |:

Heh, not going there man, I've got a bit of a thing for her... but I'm an older guy, and would be perfectly happy to be her friend, even though I'm totally boring around her, more so than usual.

It was more emotion describing than poetic, though I can see the similarity. Having grown up thinking differently, from everyone else I've ever known, it's deathly important to me to explain myself, for fear of my internal emotional disconnect, being perceived incorrectly. Bloody Asperger's..... the only brain, I've ever known


2014-04-29 04:40:14


You posted pics? where?

VicariousE responds:

Nice meme, makes me want to get a normal haircut :p

No, I didn't post any pics yet! Once things calm down, I'll make an index post, then a Pico Day post with pictures.... the index post will have this years and last years pictures zipped, for easy perusal.

They certainly are not very good pictures, but I figured it beats nothing, and I was at there at the right place and time, so...


2014-04-29 07:12:28

Hey man that's really cool! I followed the chat back when the streaming first started but then suddenly: Internet problems... Because of the latency I could barely follow anything that happened, so I checked in later. There were several hosts when I got back on. Emily-youcis got on from time to time. Then there was Fungasm with his girlfriend, and Funy-mony who was being a fantastic host. He dragged in Jaxxy and Tomamoto for short little interviews. Oh, and sequenced was hosting too. Also Goryblizard got on a couple of times. I remember seeing digsBot, and a few other animators but sadly I forgot which animators they were. Traffic was pretty slow in front of the cam. I decided to quit around 5 AM, despite already feeling tired from the annual Dutch Kingsday event - it must have been about 11 PM over there. I loved every second of it, but I'm a bit disappointed that there wasn't a wider range of users on screen. I heard many people were upstairs.

I'm glad I found these links to Cyberdevil's recordings. CD, if you're reading this, you're a life saver! ;)

VicariousE responds:

Yeah, I heard you mention that to Cyberdevil.... looks like you're both going to come away with some goodies, you, even more so, if Tom gets to putting your mystery box together and shipping it out, again, congrats!

I'm glad the folks on camera were so well received, but to me, it looked like a boring as paint drying production. And yeah, there were campers upstairs, even Tom... it was hot up there :| Roof was sweet, but the climb up was a bit much, campers up there as well :)

Yup CD really did pull through for all of us who were: away from the computer, at the party, or cursed with bad streaming. Gotta clue Viper in on the links...


2014-04-29 18:50:27

Yeah that is why we need you to eventually make a compilation, so we can see what is in that head of yours, who knows there may be some that could never come out if they never are triggered, and this is that one chance to let them out.

I see that she has captivated you with her womanhood, and is understandable she has the looks, ever tried to talk about themes in common, like what interest her, other than making Alfred into an internet star? watching the stream recorded by CD (which is awesome he is indeed a life saver, because is missed the whole thing) i found a part when she talks about Shadman, the irony of she saying that she doesn't likes his drawings was hilarious, i know that was sarcasm, i bet they are soul mates XD.

I always forget that you are supposed to have Asperger, i never notice that not even if you say that you have it, maybe i have it, maybe everyone does!? anyway, you conveyed the message perfectly, probably the reason i cant relate to it, is because that experience is something outside of what i myself may know, so truly i can only imagine what is like, what it felt like, etc.

VicariousE responds:

Well, I'll do my best on a proper Pico Day report then, pictures as necessary, though I'm gonna have to back to the bakeshop to get the pictures of the cakes I brought, I'm sure the staff won't mind!

Ah, now you're just teasing me! I'm so old, I don't know whether to consider her a daughter or a potential lover! So, I'll just play it cool, and hope she finds happiness...

Yeah.... I guess my username fit better than I'd like, it was my 6th or 7th choice. Don't remember the the previous choices, but I wanted it to largely stick to my given name.


2014-04-29 20:55:04

I wonder what they'll put inside the box. There ought to be some pretty cool leftovers from the party I'd wager! This could very well be the best possible moment to win a mystery box haha. I finished watching part one of the recordings earlier. Come to think of it, I actually have no idea what you look like. When do you appear in Cyberdevil's videos? It's not hard to imagine that sitting there watching videos must have been a pretty boring activity compared to the party going on upstairs.

VicariousE responds:

Boogers in the box lol, Luis' broken tumbler. You'll get hooked up proper, I'm sure!

Just meatballs as leftovers, the cake I bought went uber fast at the end, and neither Tom or I got a slice! I came home, and my very empty fridge still smelled of it >:O I'm going back to the bakery anyway, to document what I bought and from where.....


2014-04-29 21:19:59

I hope they send me a a broken tumbler that's been glued back together. When I open it, there'll be a boogery cake inside. Oh, and some meatballs. Delightful!

I'm curious to that cake now. I imagine it was something special.

VicariousE responds:

Dunno, lol, you'll have to ask them about the cake. I even paid the taxi driver a 7 dollar tip for not slamming on the brakes. Glad they got there still chilly.

The wait at the hotel was the worst! With the aircon and engine off, the truck cab heated up rather quickly! Luckily the air the boxes and bags were enough of an insulator, and I did have the aircon on, while traveling.


2014-04-29 22:25:59

Well then that is perfect man! we already know that you can give vicarious experiences to your readers, now you only have to get down on that book, will this affirmation motivate you?

Haha sorry man, couldn't stop myself XD. But hey! you know what they say, age doesn't matter in love... however you know what they also say, if she is young enough to be your daughter... http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/205/251/hansenlol.jpg

VicariousE responds:

Uh, no... a hefty advance and a signing bonus might motivate me though. I haven't copywritten anything in 25 years :p

Oh cute, you're gonna sic Dateline on me |: I never cared much for entrapment, Gob knows I've seen enough of it in IRC chat, back in the day... I'm sure now there are even better actors out there.


2014-04-29 23:54:34

I'm fucking retarded

VicariousE responds:

Sounds like we went to school together...


2014-04-30 05:41:01

13 Years Ago, Could You See Yourself Making This Centennial Post From The Very Own Headquarters Of Our Beloved NewGrounds. This Is Truly Quite The Astoundingly Provocative & Poetic Occurrence.

VicariousE responds:

I don't even think we had blog space back then, just a page of stats and ways to do up our icon and sig!

Nah, actually, it never crossed my mind, especially 13 years ago, when Tom was moving from apartment to apartment... nice guy, but I couldn't see myself hangin out in some recent graduates flat.


2014-04-30 09:36:27

Ha wow, you took quite a risk with that cake. How big was it, and what flavor? Did it have like this big NG logo on it or something?

VicariousE responds:

2 cakes were over 5 pounds apiece (the strawberry choc/vanilla cream), the other 2 chocolate layer cakes weren't as big or heavy, but still exceptionally posh.... I'll circle the ones I bought, after I snap a shot of the cake counter. Next year, Tom gets his own caek |:


2014-04-30 20:26:29

An advance? sure we can kick-start something haha. Oh i what was/is copywritten? i think you already mentioned that before but i forgot, bad memory.

Wait what? we cant have that Mr Vicarious! why don't you take a seat over there? haha.

VicariousE responds:

Sometimes publishers will advance a portion of potential future royalty proceeds, in sports terms, a petit singing bonus, but some established writers can swing a bonus too. Just a verb for copyrighting a written work.. whoops, I misspelled...

I doubt I'd sign a release (do they need one, or had my country gone totally to hell?), but if I did, I'd prefer all my rights read to me at the start... while handcuffed :| I could never stand plastic newreaders passing judgement.... that's why I come here, and let ppl younger and less experienced pass judgement on me, funnier that way.


2014-05-01 01:26:43

So we it seems we will have to make a fundraiser just to pay you that advance dough.

I think that it doesn't matter how old you are, or where you are, and what you do, once you have to sit over there, pretty much anyone is able to pass judgement on you XD.

VicariousE responds:

Mmm, and as soon as I log off here, some of that advance will go towards http://doublemaximus.newgrounds.com/

Ha yeah, but as I was reminded at my last job, "Judge not, lest ye be judged.", which makes voting in the Portal an interesting experience, since I used to produce video skits, not unlike the movies here....


2014-05-01 01:58:58

Am i a horryble person, if the first thing that came to my head when i read her blog was that meme of game of thrones? http://cdn.niketalk.com/2/21/21ece9bf_31146159.jpeg

Ah if i remember right that whole quote goes something like "Judge not, lest ye be judged... except if thee be set over there"

VicariousE responds:

She looked very happy and well adjusted this year, things are going her way, and the party was a real shot in the arm... for all of us.

Yeah, but I'm sitting over there! Oh well, there's no voting/rating for blogs anyway...


2014-05-01 12:54:33

Was cool getting to meet you in the flesh! Hope all goes well for you back at home. The cakes were fantastic! :)

VicariousE responds:

Oh, my pre-shrunk, winter bloated flesh, you mean, thanks! Glad you had some Jersey cake, it went fast towards the end. Tom chucked the last piece, thinking that bag in the fridge was the last cake, when it twas someone's leftover dinner |: The Krispy Tank had reactive armor, so no cutting that beast...

It was a pleasure to see you and your husband... I had a house full of Californians late last year, so forgive me if I seemed a bit jumpy :) The farm auction turned into a light looting, and they split just before the snow machine went into overdrive (took a week to clean the house). Ton of mechanical work still to do, like it's union maintained stuff....


2014-05-01 17:39:00

You want this cake?
I want it.
You want this cake?
I want it.

VicariousE responds:

That IS quite apt, thank you! I still gotta go back to cakeland...


2014-05-02 02:25:15

Oh good to hear that.

Wait what? Mr vicarious don't say that, i know there is an age difference, but with she being 20, you can't really be a child molestor O_o.

VicariousE responds:

C'mon, she half my age, that's crazy talk.


2014-05-02 03:45:05

...,but what does that make a 20 year old male with a 42 year old MILF? Other than a complete baller, of course

VicariousE responds:

IDK man, I was 7 when a certain HS salutatorian took her babysitting chores a bit too far....


2014-05-02 05:38:34

Cakeland. That sounds like a wonderful magical place full of... Well, cakes. By the way, I saw this video earlier. Is that your cake at 7:40?

Again, I feel I should say how I love the way you describe all of the people you meet. Your graceful wordings really bring these people alive in all their glory. It always makes me wonder what you would write about me. I would go as far as to say that being in your stories is somewhat of a privilege.

VicariousE responds:

There were two cakes to the right of the Tankman RiceKrispies treat, that were sloppily cut, but as I always say, it all comes out looking the same or worse.

It takes forever to know ppl online, but adding that info to a real life meeting sure helps me pass written judgement a bit easier.


2014-05-02 16:23:16

A 20 year old male with a 42 year old Milf... inst that your average motherf*cker? haha.

VicariousE responds:

Myself, I'd be a bit leery about bedding a mother... not having kids of my own, and all. You're only as good or as old as your experiences.


2014-05-02 21:23:32

I met a couple of online people in real life, so yeah. I know what you mean :)

VicariousE responds:

Last time I met Stamper and Rice-Pirate, they seemed like they weren't having a good time, but this trip around, they were both a lot more relaxed and approachable.


2014-05-02 21:35:12

I myself would never be able to do a Milf, i would feel awful knowing that i went and fucked someone else mom...

VicariousE responds:

I guess that's one of the reasons why religion likes marriage for life...


2014-05-02 23:18:17

I saw the whole cake on the video. Wow, you really ordered a Tank Cake. That's amazing.

Next time (and I keep promised to myself), I'll make it to any NG meet! Can't wait to see you in person!

VicariousE responds:

Oh no, someone at the party made that tank, wish I knew who! Can always ask Tom on his newspost, I was too concerned about the 4 cakes I brought... rather hoping they bought one of those Cake Boss cakes they make locally, think they had one last year. http://cakebosscakes.com/


2014-05-03 00:19:05

oops, i didnt know about that- sorry to invoke traumatic memories of the distant past. But surely I do not need to point out the huge disparity in mentalities between a 20 year old and a 7 year old...or do you believe that 20 year olds aren't mature enough to make decisions, regardless?

and I didn't literally mean a mother- MILF is just a blanket term describing attractive older women (30+). Though I don't see why anyone would feel awful about getting with one, granted she was single...

VicariousE responds:

It's okay, it could've been worse I suppose, I was rather mature for my age, despite not having pubes at the time. The worst was when her sister found out and got my older brother involved, then I had to lie to cover, what they stirred up.

Oh, I thought Cougar covered older women in general. At least there's chicks my age who look ten years younger and all...


2014-05-03 04:27:00

in society, the general opinion (including my own) is that it's creepy for an older man to date a younger women, yet it's perfectly acceptable even "cute" maybe for an older woman to date a younger man. Ironically, it's much more common to see a couple of the former lol

VicariousE responds:

Yup, though it probably isn't that taboo in places like Brazil, but you're right, it's a double standard of sorts. It's just unfair that women and men mature differently, different ages for sexual peaks and all.


2014-05-03 10:03:25

No no Mr @S3C attractive older women (30+) are known as cougars not Milfs, get your sex slang right XD.
Pff older people with younger people is creepy regardless of sex, but i guess some just like dose octogenarian flabby wabblies... goddammit S3C that is not cute at all!

Marriage for life? haha, yeah tell that to my parents XD.

VicariousE responds:

Yeah, that's the thing... who wants to get married or into a LTR, when there's a good possibility of one of the two prematurely checking out? My days are certainly numbered....


2014-05-03 14:03:42

Didn't know which one of your newspost to thank you in but I guess i'll do it here, thanks again vicarious! I wont screw it up again, I rarely post on the forums anymore maybe I'll post a bit more idk...... and thanks @bumfodder too


VicariousE responds:

Oh that's okay, we know you're a good sort, just don't let the poop-speakers get you down!