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Anyone got a moped -- howz it goin?

Posted by VicariousE - June 13th, 2011

So, after a lovely evening enjoying one of the best Pico days evr, a preoccupied girl on a provisional drivers license pulled out in front of me. Guess you could say she pulled a Nene on me! The MRI sez a got a herniated muscle in my neck and the CT scan gave me the wicked shits for a week.
Sure it was a disposable sales-rep car from a bygone era, but it was the last thing my mom gave me before she passed away. It did a bang-up job keeping me alive, but it died young with less than 90k miles on it.
Below you may bear witness to my dear departed 1989 Chevy Celebrity with the 2.5 liter 100hp cast-iron engine. Be careful at intersections - ya never know what critters are at work in the minds of others.

[Update 6/2/2011] Just walked over from the courtroom where I was to testify against the girl who hit me - her folks bought her a high-priced attorney and got off with less than 100$ in fines. She also got her earlier speeding ticket reduced as well. America's all about pissing on the poor - I'll be lucky to get anything from her insurance company now. Anyone out there ever move from the US to Canada.... could use some tips.

[Reposted 6/13/2011] 'cause everyone's uncharacteristically quiet. Still love ya though.

Anyone got a moped -- howz it goin?


Aw, 1989 too, my favorite year! Is this the same incident that resulted in the back operation btw?

Yup. Knee hit the dash and I half humped the steering wheel, jolting my right hip back. My cars ass did a 30 degree rise upon impact :P Then I hit my head on the drivers side window and things went dark for a few seconds.

Man... That car was my age. Cast iron engine... Amazing. That's a real shame. Sucks it held such sentimental value as well. RIP Chevy Celeb.
My Golf also had under 100k on clock, feels really bad right? Guilty over a machine, weird. Especially when these people who have fancy cars that mummy and daddy bought them just have no clue about any of it. No clue about value. What true value is.

Unbelievable about that court case. Cannot stand how elitism is widely accepted as the norm. Makes me feel physically ill.

Interesting about the CT scan. Did they do your whole body?
I had my upper body scanned, butt then didn't shit for like 5 days; could've been related to the broken pubic bone or something...

Also, just noticed your newest post about the podcast. Awesome!!! Podcasts are something I've recently gotten into (good while working as, don't have to watch), so when you've got a fair few, will certainly be going through them at some stage :) look forward to it.

Also again. This sucks man. Fuck car accidents.

My Pop's truck blew a head gasket, and no one wanted to fix it: aluminum head on a cast iron block, almost impossible to seat properly, what with the different expansion rates of both metals and all. The more they overtake the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain....

Diesel Golf? Almost bought one myself with over 200k on the clock, rattled like hell, but was a solid ride, until the owner's employees smashed into it.

Nah they only scanned what hurt, which sucks, should've bitched about my head right then and there. And oh yeah, that crap they make you drink is major cancer material, bad enough you get the liquid turds for the better part of a week.

First podcast I did was kinda blah, and my second is likely going to be similar, but slightly more on target. Shame, I used to like producing colorful and jaunty content for TV, but now.. well, it's better to say something than be silent.

Yeah, watch those intersections and driveways on B roads... even if your car was painted lime green and had alien antennas on teh roof, some distracted driver wouldn't even notice you're there |: