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Posted by VicariousE - January 16th, 2021

ciggies: https://www.itgbrands.com/

booze: https://baltimorespiritsco.com/#our-spirits

regards: https://happy-little-trees.newgrounds.com/

and many more regards: all my followers here on newgrounds, the best terran internet site, ever

post script: i gave it a 3.5, audio was lightly low in volume, no pop filter, subject matter kinda rambling and whimsical, runtime about 20 minutes, speaker kinda drunk and slurry, can't fap to it :p



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Ah you're getting into podcasts again, albeit under differentiating style of titling. :) I'm a leave more thorough commentary on that audio file when I've listened in, always a nice form, easy to have in the background. No faps required. :P

If only those companies shipped abroad, alas! And nice shout-out.

Much appreciated old friend!

Eh, maybe better they didn't ship outside north america... though the vodka's nice, odd they don't even bother to list it on their website, guess it was an old brand they absorbed. travelers choice is a remarkably neutral spirit, guess it might have a hint of corn and/or rice, but it's well priced and quite tolerable, excellent for mixed drinks

Mmm, good to know. Only drinks I've really dabbled with a bit are liquors and mead, we have a place nearby that makes some of the latter based on the oldest recipe available. :) Plenty of honey and hop, a hint of juniper and bilberry. Possibly some secrets spice. It's quite nice.

Ever tried/have any thoughts on more herbal concoctions, like Riga Black Balsam or Underberg?

Hm no, but I'll look into the ones you mentioned. Due to overbuilding/runoff/human population around here, natural/edible plants have been scarce. Should research some more stuff and put it in my NG vault 101 post :/

I saw your review on this: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/674159

how the hell does it only have 2,700 views??

IKR, was a very good rando view from teh Portal, and my review reflected that... should write more reviews like that. If nothing else, the guy(s) got a decent following here now, can only hope they persevere and profit

Mmm, natural edibles always an interesting topic! With winter here availability's somewhat limited but summer time: you can really live off the land if you want to. It's strange how homeless people still seem to flock to the cities, where they'll be all the more reliant on other people to get some scraps... guess we've really lost a certain connection to nature; those somewhat essential survival skills have shifted from hunting more so to scavenging...

Anyway looking forward to your thoughts if you do try (any of) those. May be a bit bitter from what you're used to but they feel like a better kind of boost. Benefits both of alcohol and herbs. Mutual enhancement.

Illegal to hunt w/out a license, don't wanna get in trouble, got enough hostile and judgemental assholes around me as it is... even if I did it out of necessity and took care of the remains properly, this country is a nation of laws not men (so to speak)

Any variety of proteins... at my age, can't handle carbs too well

Right right, there is that too, didn't mean that literally just that it's strange everyone still flocks to the cities. The further away you get the freer you are! And the less everything costs. And the more nature can give you for free. How about fishing though over there? Are there free spots? Suppose everything might be a bit more commercialized and bought up over there.

Mmm, same at any age really, modern foods ain't good for us. Good proteins, good fats and lotsa fiber. That's the ideal...

Was going to say regarding the Flash killswitch thing btw, I'm running Win 7 too, for me the mms.cfg workaround here worked perfectly: https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1137244

Really simple. Just download and swap a file aaand it's back to normal!

And hope you keep your head up man. :/ Gotta be possible to get through all this madness intact.