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* Free Coffee At Wawa Today *

Posted by VicariousE - April 12th, 2018

That's all, thought the folks in NJ and PA would like to know.. guess there's a few in other states.  For some reason Wawa doesn't have a presence in western PA.  Beats going to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or 7-11, which are kinda pricey.  Anyway - https://www.wawa.com/  - coffee - free - any size (was what I was told)



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From afar I hate the justice system in America, but on the other hand, your soda taxes fail which is awesome, you get free coffee. Hell you even have LFL.

England is going down the pan.

and Jack fell down, and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.

Justice has been monetized, the revolution will not streamed or exist.

But you can get free coffveevee at the opioid clinic and the refugee center.

Free coffee in the pod. But you can't leave the pod. Nobody leaves the pod... I mean rehabilitation center. And I got news for ya... that ain't coffee.

Llama beans and mostly rotted twigs I bet.

This guy used to be an underground celeb on the airwaves, ever hear of him?

Nice. Seems like a bad business model! What was the occasion for warranting free coffee?

No idea, might've been the day the first Wawa opened. Every 2-3 years they put out a small book for sale, chronicling the chain... skimmed thru it once. Thing is, I had heard in the 80's and 90's that Reverend Moon of the Moonies bought the company; no mention of it in the book... maybe it was another chain

They serve good coffee at cheap prices, but everything else there's kinda pricey, depends on what, so one day a year they let it go for nothing as a promotional thing... local radio was talking about, so there's free publicity too. (I seriously doubt any one went there on my word lol)

Well, fuck. Guess I could make an 8 hour trip for some free coffee...

That's dedication, I'd only go half an hour. There's a sandwich shop right up the road from there, coffee's a few cents cheaper and just as good if not better. Sammiches are cheap too... lunchmeat generally is

Art Bell, was that the station the panicked Area 51 guy phoned? I do remember listening to that. He called years later I think and it was implied that it was some kind of set up. Although I don't believe that aliens have infiltrated the military, it does make a good excuse for being evil. 'The aliens infiltrated and possessed us and made us evil.' The Earth is riddled with Pizzagates.

Yeah either him or Orson Welles. All governments don't like things they can't explain, including aliens. Military's first reaction would be to build a counter-acting weapon... which they did, to shoo away the entities that linger between Earth's atmosphere and the moon. There's some good NASA, ISS footage out there... just wish someone would nail down where these weapons are based. First glance they look like ions, definitely particle based... maybe the reptilians taught us how to build them lol

Are you a fan of Ownage Pranks?


Never seen it before, Indian accent is kinda crap but the material's good. Tell the to submit their animated stuff to NG... Gross man, blogs look gross AF :p

We are the aliens, when all the wars have been fought and a master race has established itself, humans will start looking more and more like greys. Maybe that's why we depict greys that way, because we know it'll be a future us. A grey future sounds quite apt.

Still getting used to these changes. Due a redesign, but I want a black background colour 2.

According to Spirit Science, a good portion of humanity is related to Martians (before their water transference project cooked Mars while here on Earth), and their blood lends itself to (lol) war. Bible sez the meek shall rule the Earth, and for my money, I think whoever's left in the 3 Gorges Dam system after the flood and fire, will likely end up being 'the greys'

Yuk, can't tell where the convo begins or ends, all looks samey

on my way

Uuuh it was only a one day thing, and for you, over a thousand miles away.
Wow where have you been?

Instead of a single colour I'd like to be able to pick a NG skin for the bottom half with all the artists work on. Will wait and see where the rabbit hole ends. The rabbi hole.

A lot of ugly goin on, nav bar looks out of the box :p

I love free coffee! :)

Well there's always AA or NA meetings, and other odd public gatherings where crank is freely available. Free juice and cookies when you donate blood, but that's not coffee. What I really miss are salad bars and free fixin' stations, like Burger King and Roy Roger's used to have... the former was abused by Metallica when they used to live in the Bay area, or at least, that's what my Dark Horse comic said about them.

Last time I was over at my cousin's house, he was still using a thick foil ashtray from Burger King. Can only wonder if the rest of Western civilization still makes cheap foil ashtrays for use in fast food joints... kinda doubt it.

Nope they stopped that a long time ago, when they stopped people from smoking in restaurants. No more foil ashtrays. No more Slurpies in gas stations I miss those I am not even sure if 7 eleven carries them anymore. I live in the south so if I really want to get my groove on with interesting social drinks you only find in odd places I have to go up north. Another problem when Robert E. Lee bit the bullet, always having to go up north for cool stuff.

Nahhh pretty sure 7-11 still has Slurpee machines, doubt they went over to... forgot the name, but the brand had a droopy dog as an icon.

We used to have a few cool chains up this way, served decent grub: Sizzler, Bun n' Burger, Sambo's (lol, rly), at least half a dozen more. Farrell's is back after 20 years, Canadian outfit bought the name and concept, dunno if that's gonna make it's way south... famous for it's ice cream bar, pressed fries. Got any Stackee's (or was it Stuckee's) down that way? Was a breakfast chain, cheap eggs and pork and such

I think you mean Buc-ee's Beaver and that is way south, you will have to ask Seven Seize about it cause that is around her neck of the woods. They are the only group that I know of with the two EE's on the end of there name and sell cheap anything.
Love that free coffee though. LOL

Yea, don't think she's heard of it either, need someone on I-70 to tell me, someone who leaves town lol. I do think of her often, she's a great friend to many.

Ive been living! I just bought my first laptop with my fast food paycheck. So I wanted to reconnect with the Newgrounds wave now that I have the proper tools, yknow? Im invested. Its sentimental.

Oooh good, living is goooood. Fast food kinda sucks though, nothing to do with you of course, just the ingredient stream is nasty. New laptop has new operating system, you getting the hang of it? Keep it clean n safe yo.

Any good investment should yield well, if it doesn't, drop it. Be wise how you spend your sentimentals ;3

Anyone that is anyone has head of Buc-ee's Beaver he is about as well known as Chuckie Cheese the Rat and (Slappy the Frog).

Chuck-ee-Cheese's a national company, heard they went bankrupt some years back, guess they're still around? My last job was working for a company like that (kids, arcade, pizza), no rat suits though

Well it is around the Black neighborhoods still, Just like Sears.

It's more about disposable income and population density than any ethnic striation, or even company loyalty :p money always matters

It most definitely sucks! But my store area is populated mostly by homeless and drug sick folk. I would much rather kiss the asses of the hungry than pump out 5 Piece Mini Churros in a nicer area for my boss's boss's bosses.

Its like a 5yo Dell, Windows8. Not complaininggg. Long as Overwatch runs.

The management of time and sentiment has been a common theme for me lately. Thank you.

Poor is one thing, street roaming druggies is sadly another :( but I'm glad you know who warrants the better service. In my case, I'm afraid that if I go to the better part of town in the daytime, might get a ticket for uninspected vehicle... but if I spend more and stay close to home, I should be OK

What resolution are you running Overwatch? They should teach simple computer maintenance skills in high school health... maybe some schools do?

Well as long as you're not running away from something, and running to something... guess there's lots to learn and observe here, if you wanna be a content creator/artist/musician/???

Yes money is the great equalizer for a lot of situations. I love the hunt for green backs, just wish I could have a little more of it at times, but I have learned to get by and just enjoy life with the little things. Like free coffee.

Say did I hear you're a goat farmer? We used to use goats to keep the briars away from the fence, not for food or pets. I've had the milk before, it's kinda gamey, wouldn't want that at room temp lol

dont listen to me, I quit my job 3 days after that message lmaoo. I enrolled w the community college instead.. im flighty!

Ive been tweaking the resolution and textures and whathaveyou slowly to get the best balance for my computer + internet speed. I really enjoy tech and would've liked a computer class, but I was a drama+art student instead. What good thats done lol

I like your kind of flighty though, you've started classes, mostly pre-requisites?

Drama's ok, can be therapeutic, and art is a timeless, but likely cheap skill, with regard to high school. What's your main course for college?

Oh, new (news) post btw, can either lemme know here or there...

I don't like any milk at room temperature. I can't stand when a person uses a goat to clean briars..those goats I'd never eat, you can tell by looking that they are unfit for human consumption. My goats have 77 acres of land, all the green pasture they can stand and a nice river to drink from...as long as I keep the Chicken plant at bay from dumping into the river we will be fine. I have 20 of them now and they are a handful. They are fun though..I will have to post pictures sometime so you can see a pretty goat. (Yes I said that, goats can be pretty.) LOL.

Nah, couldn't eat them, we also gave em cracked corn molasses, alfalfa. Our family farm stopped being relevant in the late 1950s, since it was small and in NJ. Also onion grass took over... no good for milk :/ Shame I put the box traps and guns in storage, last fall would've been great for groundhog meat.

Pretty awful how chicken farms have to operate these days, can imagine the processing plants have to be much worse.

How often do you cut the goat fields, machines holding up OK?

Oh every year we bush hog and I work of lubing the parts and making sure things are in working order.. then me and the guys get together and bust hay and so on, and yes it is like living in the 1950's but if you want goats that you can eat and enjoy, you have to put your hand to the plow. it reminds me of that song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEcejxSgh9M