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Another Year Closer To Death, Good

Posted by VicariousE - January 22nd, 2018

So like, happy 2018 I guess.  'Problems of the future, today' and all.  Might as well use this post as a brief, bulleted commentary on all the things that make me a grumpy cat.  Some will be stupid as fuck, some will be be dead on target, some might be misfires, I won't know unless you, the valued reader, comment.  I'll put moar bullets in the clip as this week progresses.  Wtih over 300 fans, kinda feel like I've been neglecting them, when I'm just suffering from NG ennui (slow loading pages, lack of big game dev uploads, etc.)

  • The Pussyification of American English as a Spoken Language.  Thanks to countless broadcast TV and radio affliates in the less populated areas of our sizable country, newsreaders, sportscasters, weathercasters and traffic reporters, have infiltrated the more populous areas.  The result?  Whiny, pinched and bassless voices are destroying local accents.  The 21st century is doing a great job of homogonizing our very speech patterns, and not just English.  A suburban person from Texas is now likely to sound like Kermit the Frog after a few cups of joe, instead of a deep sounding, slightly slower paced, southern US based drawl.
  • MIC / IIC (military industrial complex / information industrial complex) versus the Bankers.  These two have been at it since before the Second World War, and the American citizen has been paying for it ever since.  The result?  Our nations wealth has been sucked up by fancy war toys and Wall St. ramoras.
  • SUV's.  God, why?  All that space with nothing in it, huge engine pulling a carcass that feels like a sports van, and obstructs other driver's view... perfect FU vehicle for the USA, wouldn't you say?  Even our patron saint and cult leader Tom Fulp, eschews these weighty whales in favor smart station wagons, for a family of 4.  Maybe OK for upscale indigenous migrant workers, scampering from condo to duplex on his/her way up the corporate food chain, dunno, hard to speculate... bad enough I'm visiting the intentions of those who actually bought a new SUV, let alone one that cost over 80K
  • Food Quality in the US.  Honey is called 100% pure, yet it's cut with corn syrup, sugar is called 100% pure, yet it's cut with imported saccharin.  In the past 2-3 decades, the corporate machine has managed to fuck up even chicken, which is outsourced to poor southern farmers, who barely earn minimum wage... sometimes they get bounuses for under-feeding the chickens, feed which is provided to the farmer against any future payments.  Millions of acres of land are slowly becoming toxic, thanks to petroleum based insecticide, pesticide, fertilizers and preservative agents.  For every good advance in food production, there are 3 that add unecessary chemicals to the food chain.  Laws that dictate conformity, waste thousands of tons of produce.  Could go on, but, without local farms running things bio-mass neutral, people are gonna get sick and die sooner, plain n simple.  It's hard to find chocolate that doesn't turn your tounge numb, thanks to a new seed oil that prevents foaming.  And we wonder where obesity stems from, huh ._.
  • Simple Lawlessness.  Happens everywhere, and the amount of money involved has increased with time.  Unground economies are the latest sticking point in our government, though it's hiding behind the label called 'immigration'.  The dirty truth is, there is slavery all around us, being run and approved by unaccountable entities masquerading as businesses, leaders and charities.  Sucks balls.
  • Compulsory Personal Computer Use.  I should expand on this gripe quite a lot, but I kinda consider myself all too close to the paradox/preference....  Don't care for 'congestion charging' or using my cellphone over public wi-fi, just to park in a big city.  Don't care to use my phone to redeem e-coupons (thankfully, my grocery store has a analog option), or buy anything.  My desktop PC at home is relatively secure enough that I don't mind buying things from it... but when it comes to video games, sheeeesh!  It's a fricken toy, shouldn't need to log on to some network just to get it to work, especially if it's a single player only kinda thing... meh, I'm old school.


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Strangely, some other regions in the world may have this; the UK doesn't. Since they accepted regional accents on the BBC (even on its news broadcasts) as opposed to the Received Pronunciation standard accent, no one's really had the excuse of homogenisation.

I've little idea about the other two but, how are you doing? How's it been being a dad?

Homogenization is at the heart of big businesses like the media in the US, as is cost cutting. By maintaining affiliate commercial news/tv/radio stations in sparsely populated areas of the country, the richer, more competitive markets can afford to pay for consistent and malleable talent. Nothing wrong with that, but that also includes producers and managers who've proven themselves loyal to the corporate monster's appetite (aka filtering news for profit, not integrity or truth).

Uuuh, I'm not a Dad, unless you include a certain young woman who used to frequent Newgrounds. We texted a little around Christmas, talked about our problems, I consider her my e-daughter, heart and soul.

Wonder where the kid rumor came from.... none of the lovable assholes I play games with off of Newgrounds, would troll me here. A good quarter of them have kids, or are old enough to.

Write a book, man, I'm gonna keep pestering you to do it, and you're gonna keep resisting, and in the process we will both get lawls. There are so many gripes in the world. One of my personal gripes is how there seems to be a TED Talk for everything now, even really trivial meaningless shit.

Have you ever seen the TV programme Room 101? It's where people come on and rant about 3-4 things that annoy them.

Trivial stuff adds up to bigger stuff, dark social engineering arts at work.

Book schmook, gonna type one out when the power goes out forever, since I'm dead sure no superpower will send a nuke (or send it on time) to offset a planet killing solar flare, they'll just run for their bunkers, maybe send out some witty tweets in the process (see abuv)

No shit? Never heard of it, UK, last century? Bet I can find it.

Oh yeah, that twine ball doth get bigger. But all tragedies are miniscule when you realise we are mere mortals and will pop our clogs one way or another. There's always reincarnation and I'll be happy coming back as one of Nicole Scherzinger's turds.

It's weird as I have been playing a lot of Fallout recently. I'm alright, got my hazmat suit and power armor. I'm out there on the frontlines, not hiding like these yellowbelly rich folk. As well drilled out and luxurious these bunkers may be, I'd feel claustrophobic living underground forever worshipping Xenu.

Pop Room 101 into YouTube and et voila. There are two versions but I prefer the Frank Skinner one rather than the Paul Merton one.

If only the rich realized their rein should be mortal, and not propagated into the future by their offspring, to make shoes and turds out of the less fortunate.

I've gotta pick up FO: NV one of these days, FO4 (and to a lesser degree FO2) left me with no rational choices for end game... then I played Wolfenstein: New Order, and hmm sure played a lot like FO4 did, only better; 2 choices up front. Not fond of shooting to an ambiguous end game, which Fallout are you playing? Still think the first Fallout game was the best, had the most choices and end game scenarios.

I didn't enjoy previous Fallouts for some reason. They seemed harder and a lot less accessible. Fallout 4 feels more dumbed down and a lot like how I felt playing Skyrim, which suits me. Fallout 4 is what I am playing.

I played Fallout: New Vegas and thought it was a bit more interesting than Fallout 2. It felt a little more colourful and less serious.

I'll have to have a quick look on YouTube now just to remember what the previous games were like. Maybe I am just being a harsh critic, or maybe I am just crap at games and gave up too soon without seeing everything.

Wolfenstein interests me, but only if it has a third person view available. Can't do the first person jobbies due to motion sickness.

Ya, guess Fallout 4 is kinda like Ribena, or like Dr. Pepper in the States, either love it or hate it. I got up to about level 6 or 700 in FO4, tried the different ending paths, and felt nothing for each side in the nuclear option... the fuck, I don't wanna nuke anybody, below the character's pay grade to make such decisions. Anyway, either I or the game took itself too seriously, can't figure out which.

That's what I've been hearing as well.

Nah stay away then, don't think there was a 3rd person option in Wolfy. GTA:O has been treating me ok, hardly ever use first person in that game, not wide enough to simulate my vision.

I have just looked...

No, I have never played Fallout 1 or 2. Fallout 3 was the first one I played and then New Vegas. Looking at the first two games should be fun.

They're good if you don't mind reading and grinding a little. The first one I played about a dozen times, FO2 I only played once. Maybe I'm against O Henry or entropic endings...

you'll never die, Vic
I'll make sure of it

Yea right? How you do that? Cut my head off, freeze dry it like they did to Walt Disney? If you can get a 100 gallons or so of honey, that might keep me until medicine can fix me up... just don't wanna end up like Faye from Cowboy Bebop, that would suck.

Oh hey, they find any extra help voicing the NG radio play thingy? I wanted to, but kinda lost my taste for the project, as well as my shitty voice.

I doubt I can go back in time and enjoy playing those old games. It's hard flipping back graphically. The passion for gaming wanes a little as you age. The wonderful days of Street Fighter II and Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars are long gone, like Long Gone Silver.

Brotherhood of Steel or The Institute? The only time I feel I belong on FO4 is when I go to Diamond City. Nothing like Nick Valentine's office. That's some real chill. Could live there.

Back then, people still used to be social creatures, so little pixel games (that were clever) were a nice supplement to one's life.

Now, all digital, all the time. I think since 9/11 people here stopped caring about the news, their local and state politics, art on display, even having lunch at a counter has been fazed out for plastic booths, intended for families on the move or the occasional pack of teens.

It's gotten stupidly expensive to go out and have a good time any more, not only financially, but emotionally. People forgot that politicians, schools and the news are not our allies any more, they are there to divide and distract us from the horrors that the rich do to stay out of prison and get richer.

Tell me I'm wrong, but I think the internet and gaming in general have also been co-opted into this unholy sleep alliance... maybe it's just age and isolation that's bugging me. Maybe it's because I can't find anything or anyone to fall in love with any more, that hasn't been spoiled, monetized or gone out of use.

(I shouldn't write after I wake up lol, pretty depressing. Guess like most self examined folk, I'm only suicidal in the morning.)

you'll die, Vic
I'll make sure of it

lol, jk

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone eventually drops to zero. But if I can find out where George Soros is hiding, we'll both go after that muh fuh, Mr. Reaper got a hefty bounty on him, the Romanians too I think

Look on the negative side, maybe its a year closer to horrible entrapment in an immortality computer system where our bodies are harvested for consciousness capital !!! :)))))

I'll tell ya, sometime in the 1980's had a dream I was hooked up to something like that. Surprised I had the balls to leave the perfect (fake digital) world, which was like a small pod. Anyway stepped outside the very small house, to see acres as far as the eye could see, of identical little houses, all equidistantly spaced, green lawn perfectly minded.

Think I woke up after running a ways, and finding a dark fold or error in the landscape

15. Million. Merits. Pedalling for days just to be able to afford a wank.

When I was at College 14 years ago, I never envisaged the world would get to this place. Yet here we are: at. this. place. Technology has crept up and sodomized us. Bummed by stealth by gadgets and gizmos. Are luxuries really luxuries or just shallow sweeteners?

Maybe I am bitter. More likely I am not. I was born out of the 80s so I have a good eye for noticing when we are being fucked over inch-by-inch. 9/11 is still being weaponised 16 years past its sell-by-date. My favourite sugary drink has been raped.

But I do promise that to my motherfuckin' dying breath. I will uphold freedom of speech. There is not a person born from their mother who will stop me from exercising that expression.

Soros is like a rotting turnip. Seriously, who wants to get to 87.

It's pack away the toys time for humanity now that the clean-up operation is in full swing. The element of surprise has gone. Humans have become desensitised and are not impressed by anything anymore. I am more likely to listen to some random Spotify music than my hero's new album. Everything has flipped upside down.

Most of all I resent policies being changed based on lies. I keep telling myself to do something about it. Become more of an activist. But why bother? I may as well just poke fun at the dysfunctionality. There is no immortality pill so no use crying about eternal youth. We're all in a queue to the gravestone. We spend our whole lives maintaining only to disappear into the abyss, leaving the robots to continue without us. It's like everything is set in stone. It's a bit shitty really.

It is a pain in the arse to be birthed, only to face a lifetime of obligations and sicknesses. Perhaps somebody ambitious and positive sees it the complete opposite way. I guess I have a sense of how the future is going to pan out for humanity and it's not good. In about six months time I expect the worst to happen. In 2003 I read about what would happen in 2018. And if it starts with Israel and Iran, it won't surprise me one bit.

Now excuse me while I go please my ears with some low-budget jazz.

Before I graduated high school, some of the kool-aid drinking teachers let us kids in on some info on 'projected trends': high Mexican immigration, high petrol prices, gay marriage, other social and economic stuff. I imagine their techniques are a little more refined now, as they are responsible for not promoting leadership, independent thinking or questioning of the curriculum... old German concept to have a docile citizenry.

Terrible and wonderful is the new age, the latter seems to be drowned out by the former. The terrible stuff is conveniently chopped up into small bits, names omitted, money trails unfollowed.

You're 100% about about making laws and funding them, based on lies/junk science/fake news/propaganda... those are the bits of filler interjected into the aforementioned 'terrible stuff'

Like any good business, they want more territory under their influence, borders are irrelevant to them.

Tropical Setting = Mosquitos + Hawaiian Bomb Shelter + Magic Johnson

would make for a great 1/5 SyFi Flop

Interesting to know about the going-on's in this part of the world, sounds pretty depressing... and slowly spreading to the rest of the world too it seems. Corporate slavery, and not just cubicle jobs but: the whole system. People paying off loans to the banks to make them money they didn't even have when they loaned it out, lacking material reserves, a circulation of debt built to keep people in check, all the while the richest families keep feeding off of the Earth and all that comes with it; directing our future...

Compulsory Personal Computer Use more like: game addiction? Or Internet requirements? I don't like games that require a network to run either. Shouldn't be like that. Some games are just to great to avoid on principle, but I do try...

Yup, that's pretty much where the people of Earth are at: sleeping and under unjust control.

It's a shame too, and a lot of those internet required games are still being pre-hacked, so ppl can run them offline or on Steam. D'you have many games on Steam?