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2017-10-08 14:49:54 by VicariousE

Past month has been pretty grim.  Right before Florida got hit, video card gave up the ghost.  The next day I impacted 2 teeth, which I did not want to lose.  My backup laptop has aged to the point where it can barely handle the internet, but I did get a new video card late last month... which cost 50$ more than the 2 1/2y/o card it replaced, and is a lazy bitch.  Damn bit miners driving up video card prices.

After I managed to 'reseat' the 2 teeth (so blood vessels could function properly to and from the affected bones), I kinda crashed energy wise.  Had been taking naproxen for a fortnight to deal w/ the swelling and pain, once I tit-rated away from the drug, the old bugs came back in full force.

Anyway, today's my birthday.  Yesterday I got a strange greeting card in the mail, with printed address and content cut and taped.  My sister's had a severe MS attack that likely did some terrible permanent damage to her already ailing body.

Apologies to the Audio Anniversary project for the Audio Portal, my brain's been cut from a sweet 32 track mixer, down to an 8 track mixer, that buzzes and screeches lol :p  I am not able to participate in any of the roles I had requested... back when I was at least feeling capable.

Lastly, I'm deleting my audio uploads here, as they were not of a quality I can be proud of, even though I found them contextually OK. 

Best wishes to all of you. Guess I'll be throwing more money away on NG, by way of yearly supporter upgrade (expired a few days ago), new poster/T-shirt (maybe not the new T-shirt, but the old one), and the forthcoming theatre showing of NG's talent in PA (which I sure hope I can attend).  Sadly, a few bucks are the only thing I can offer the site at this moment in time.  After today the 'kitty' is dry, not making any new commissions or putting a dollar more into this site until I see: more people joining and using Newgrounds, more NG artists promoting this site, better advertising base and further improvements to the back end... which have been proceeding, and that's hopeful.

Tired.  I'll stick some @'s in here later, peace fellow hood rats.




Due to the subjective nature of my arcane knowledge and interests, I am unable to contribute anything particularly useful to Newgrounds at this time.  While its been increasingly difficult to enjoy the site's subject matter (mainstream cartoons, music, videogames, etc.) for a number of years, I've done my best to look past the click-bait packaging, and enjoy the talent and hard work of the submissions uploaded here... and I'm kinda tired of doing so.  My bullshit filtering glasses have become uncleanable, likely due to age and a blood disease I contracted from a tick bite in 2012. 

If I had any good sense, I should've went to Mexico or south-east Asia on a "medi-holiday" long ago.  Living in America used to be an equitable challenge, but thanks to the manipulations of bankers and businessmen, it has become a hostile paper tiger to an ever increasing number of its citizens (and the Western world too).

I'm truly at a loss for what good I can do in a place like Newgrounds anymore.

If anyone out there has any questions about the vageries of life as it appears to you, please ask it below.  I have been dilligently searching for your answers for quite some time now, in the hope I can be of service.

Let it be known: These are just a few of my recollections of an old woman's speech to me and two other boys, over 3 decades ago, in the late 1970's.  I was just a little kid, and she told me about the future to upset me, as punishment for accompanying (and not stopping) the  egg-throwers.  Problem is, everything she predicted about the future, has so far come true.  I've since verified she had been dead for almost an hour, happened to her when she was a little older than I was, in the 1910's.  She had gone for a moonlight skate on a frozen lake near her home with a friend one night, she fell through the ice, died, and was resuscitated after a colossal effort.  After that, she saw things in dreams and semi-lucid moments.

I've delayed writing this for some time, but it can't wait any more.  It's not my prophecy, it's hers, and she told me because she knew I wouldn't try to make a buck off the disaster (another lame reason for the delay in publishing, not that any of you plebs mess around with shorting stock, playing with derivatives, and other amoral financial shit).

On or just after Christmas, December 25th 2016 (4 years and a few days past the Mayan's doomsday date), several things are due to happen:

  • A large red object will be visible in the southern hemisphere, approaching and passing the Earth.  It's possible something traveling along with this object enters our atmosphere, and makes contact with either land or water.
  • The Chinese mobilize a million troops to another country, likely Syria.
  • A swarm of earthquakes culminate into a large, global earthquake, all humanity will feel it.
  • A tsunami destroys the Brazilian city of Rio and a number of smaller cities along the South American coast.
  • Hours later, the press will report that there is no tsunami threat to North America, that their elevation buoys read no significant swell.  Those reports will be in error, people will go back to sleep, and awake to the roar of fast approaching death.
  • Large waves will form in the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and they will move west, the Earth's rotation carrying the land towards them.  The oceans of the southern hemisphere are sort of shallow, while the north's oceans are quite deep.  Anyone who's ever jumped into the shallow side of an Olympic sized pool will tell you, almost a minute after doing so, a large crash of water belts the deep side's wall.
  • The new day will be 2-3 hours longer, as the sea swell's landfall slows the Earth's rotation.  Mini ice age sets in.  Planet's orbit around the Sun also slows....

Death toll from the event: 900,000,000 and not the soon-to-be-reported 1 billion.

I am deeply mortified about this.  In fact, I did my damnedest to repress this unforgettable meeting of so long ago.  But I had to repress it for obvious reasons: sanity, normal childhood/adulthood, hope for my career, future, etc.  4 years ago I thought 'that day' arrived, and made a great effort here and at home, to notify all I could persuade... but with my father's embolism and passing in the last few months of 2012, my mind was puking on the pogo stick of life: got my facts wrong.  I knew that after John Glenn and Castro passed away (she mentioned those specific names), that -this- was the year, time as we know it, ends.

The map below is my approximation of where the wave will strike North America, based on her careful description, along with a map I once saw on a privately run TV station, not long after meeting the old psychic (it was a never-to-be-seen-again special about prophesy, vague, but a lot of the content panned out).  The wave may extend further north by a few hundred miles, being north of the Mason-Dixon line when the shit hits the fan is a must.


If any of the bulleted things (plural) above should happen, get moving, the life you save, is the one reading this right now, and whoever else you can get to head north and west, away from the wave.

I could stay silent on this, publish this appalling prophecy after the first shock waves hit, but I can't chance it.  She also told me I'd be out of power for 3 days, and not 7 days like what 'Superstorm' Sandy did, in late 2012.

Bottom line: If you live along the Atlantic coast, you can get to safety, even if you're in Florida or deep Texas, but you have to leave as soon as you hear that Rio's been destroyed.  Once the wave hits the Caribbean islands, you might not have the time...  I imagine the eastern coastlines of India and China will also be greatly affected, Europe should be fine.

It's hard to speak the worst aloud, let alone write it, but I can faithfully say 'I did what I could, for who I could', even if it is a microscopic effort.  All we can do now is hope for the best, even if it makes me look like a damn fool.

If you're going to vote, cast your e-ballot for Trump, plz?

2016-11-08 11:35:43 by VicariousE


(Sinuses infected, affecting my right eye's vision, defaulted to 25 y/o glasses)

(They're bi-focal, with no lines, each lens was cut from a 2.5 foot diameter piece of glass)

Don't throw away your vote on a 3rd party candidate, or worse yet, Hillary Clinton.

Vote for America's last, best hope for justice and peace.  Vote for Donny Trump.  Both parties don't like him, and that's a uuuge plus.  He may screw up like another unknown candidate (Obama), but in this Presidential election, the devil we know (Clinton) is not a viable option.

If you're already registered to vote, please do so. 

If not, well, don't worry about it.  Chances are Hillary will win, and there won't be any more elections after that anyway.


Bonus Clip: What would happen, if Trump and Clinton campaigned as a single, combined mutant?

The third party candidate would be the guest of honor, as well as the main course.

After-action Report:

Longest line I've ever seen for an election, though the wait was only about 10 minutes.  Despite how I looked (and smelled), the people closest to me on line, talked to me about politics, both national and local, as well as the biased media coverage.  It was pleasant, even though I was clearly a peasant among the well-to-do.

What struck me as odd, was a comment from a lady who left the gym, just as I was lining up to vote.  Apparently my district's machine was broken, and got fixed a few minutes before my arrival.  No moving parts in those machines...


First Podcast, God Help Me

2016-10-28 00:32:24 by VicariousE

Yesterday my cousin and I spent a few hours digging a ditch.  My sinus infection really took off last week, so I've had to wear my ancient coke bottle glasses since then, making the work even more miserable.

After I hydrated and zoned out on Newgrounds, went to Mickey Dee's for food.  Then I slept for 10 hours, got up, had a decent cup of joe... it's raining outside, hasn't done that in a while.  Had another big meal, felt contented and slightly groggy, then...

No idea why I picked past US Presidents as a first podcast subject.  Bad enough I went unscripted, so much dirt on the more recent Presidents, and the things that happened under their tenure... ALL the things that happened, including at home, when my parents were still alive.

Oh well, it's a banal start.

Before the start of the 2016-2017 school year, I will be reading my blog posts, likely in my Pop's emptied garage (now owned by 3 new US citizens, who came from the same country, made bank here, and are investing locally).  Ahem, might try using the 20' long, 4' wide work bench as a standing desk, the wall in front of it's rather nicely insulated, so should be acousticaly ok.  Seems also appropriate, screaming at a jet black wall, with the internet in the middle, hoping my perspective on things, can prepare others for what will inevitably come.


It's really too little, too late.  If the current status of our country and world were somehow transported back a decade or two, the people would have little recourse, they would protest the Federal government heavily, until certain laws were amended or older ones upheld.  If the people of 1980's America had woken up in 2010's America, insurrection, no doubt about it.


Now, we are all so well manipulated, any well meaning revolt would likely be put down by employees of the government, and most of them would not even be sworn to uphold the Constitution, just kill or capture, with benefits and overtime paid.  There's not enough moral capital (or food money) left in America, to fully reform it's internal lawlessness.


All I can say is, my opinions are my own, no one person or group has a major share in my brain's data bank.  I've been an avid reader and observer since the mid 1970's.  That's why I'm depressed as fuck, the answers and solutions to the growing problems in my field of influence, as well as the rest of the world, have to be... bigger than they should be.

(Hm, read that in less than 1 minute, 30 seconds.... gonna have to sling a lot of shit to fill 5 minutes)

And there will be links in the Authors Comments pod to corroborate some of what I say.  I've got 2 bookmark folders I use to store news articles, one named: Articles, the other named: Social Engineering/War, FYI lol.

There is no shortage of opinion or entertainment here in the digital world, but I hope some of what I will talk about in future podcasts will truly be helpful.  Life's too short to stay silent, or to stay blind as our parents were, to the increasing burden our world's citizens must bear, to support... evil, really.

So, um, does this make me a social justice warrior, or an Alex Jones kinda nut? 

Maybe need to start drinking heavily?


Or should I embrace Socalist Feudalism at the point of a rail gun?


Quick update on my personal problems (of the future, today)

2016-06-15 14:39:54 by VicariousE

After a month of ambiguity, I paid a guy to flatbed my Pop's truck over to the only garage he ever trusted.  The garage owner offered me 800$ for the truck, which is basically what I paid 3 years ago for a set of 5 new tires |:  Having no (motorized) wheels on the sparse side of the suburbs is a major drag.  Sure there's plenty of take out/delivery places that occassionaly feed me, but it's hardly a long term solution.

I'm going to spend a little more to see if the existing engine can be saved by replacing the head gasket, which is currently blowing hot gasoline into the radiator/cooling system.  I'll have the guy crimp the bad brake line and go from there... (inspection) sticker's good till the end of next year.

Once that's done I'm going to pick up some work from one or more of the local farms around here (I hope).  Also still meaning to buy a Snowball mic from Newegg,com or wherever's cheaper... it's a bit of a buzzkill to only type my thoughts, might as well sound them out.  Also hoping it will come in handy while playing GTA Online, *loud whistle "Get back to the game, we're ready to go!!1"

Guess that's about it.  Just another spiceless old white male on the other side of the screen going on about himself.

Update: July 13th... almost a month later:  I noticed the 'check engine' light was on when I picked the truck up last week.  Also, a strong smell of gasoline coming from the engine compartment.  It wasn't a problem with the computer, or a loose fitting... more rot.  Fuel is spraying out from the pressurized line, and the other 2 lines also look bad.  Gas tank has to be dropped to get the new lines in.  Not happy, should've sold it and taken a chance on something else >:(

So... fuck you New Jersey DOT.  Fuck you for spraying a rust accelerator (salty brine water) on snowy roads, it would be cheaper if I just slid on the ice, hit a tree and exploded, preferably right in front of the State House, where shitty laws are passed, to make someone rich, all the while looking like you collectively give a fuck. 

This is just as stupid to adding a known carcinogen (chalk, a type of asbestos) to cigarette paper, (FSC stands for 'Fire Safety Code') on the off chance an unattended, lit cigarette will not light someone's mattress on fire.  So... fuck you too Chucky Schumer.  I'm sure your ancestors are really happy that your viral legislation will likely hundreds of thousands more people with cancer, while reaping a whirlwind in sin taxes.  More proof the SJW lunatics are not only taking lives, but our freedom to be individual assholes and risk takers.


2016-05-05 21:07:55 by VicariousE

Last week I spent 300$ getting the brakes fixed.

While on my way to get rid of 3 months of household garbage,  ENGINE OVERHEAT came up on the dash, then the truck started juddering.

A test at a local garage shows fuel mixing in with the coolant - the head gasket has been blown, likely due to a faulty themostat, which was replaced for 250$.  I spent another 15$ for a sealer, but it didn't seem to work.

I've got no wheels and no way to travel 100 miles to attend Pico Day.


So that's that.  UPDATE:  I'm going try flushing the radiator, and adding fresh sealant and anti-freeze myself... I wasn't happy with the way this unknown mechanic drained the system, maybe the second time will be the charm.  If not, Pico Day is going to be the least of my concerns. 

If it does work, I might barely able to make it.  It's raining and windy outside, so I don't know if I'll have time today to try it OR if any one that lives close by, can help me get the stuff I need in town.  Just hope I can pop the hoses with the few shitty tools I do have on hand

I'm going to Pico Day and...

2016-05-04 21:18:25 by VicariousE

It's not easy for someone with borderline Asperger's to go across state lines, to attend a loud, crazy party for the weekend.  Plus, I've still got the same problem I had 16 years ago (Problems of the future, today!).  How do I justify my membership in a website, that caters to specific entertainment professionals (who are much younger than I am)?

Before I took the leap and joined the membership, I had been producing video for clients (weddings, commericals, music videos), and public access cable television (Yotam & Fantasia, Wayne's World, my own show was called Disposable People).  The days of cassette editing and studio work are long behind me... but I still feel the need to tell the content producers here, well, anything that will pick their spirits up! 

Production of content is a lonely, tiring, shitty-paying business, and it's up to fans and interested parties alike, to egg them on, make their efforts meaningful and worthwhile. 

Newgrounds does not support purely live-action video.  Only on rare occassions they will accept video material that is based exclusively on the site itself.  Over this Pico Day weekend, I will be assisting RealFaction in interviewing the admins, mods and members of this website.

I don't have a nice, bulky videocamera to smoothly cover the action, instead I've got a dinky, digital camera with delusions of grandeur.  It sucks heavy donkey dick, but it'll do, so long as folks speak up and face the light.

This will be my 4th visit, and I'm still scared and excited to be around creative people in the prime of their lives.

Just to get it out of the way, I'd like to thank Tom Fulp and his staff for their years of service and hospitality.  Thank you, for everything by everyone, thank you for this digital home-for-the-creatively-insane. 

My thoughts and prayers for all those who cannot attend, go with me (such as I am).

Before Newgrounds:


After Newgrounds:


Happy Easter Kitties

2016-03-27 06:08:23 by VicariousE

Not much going on right now, so I'm laying low and trying not to get into any more financial trouble.  Just figures the day a get a few bucks, the truck's brakes spring a leak.  I was really glad it happened after a I got a few essentials from the grocery store, and it was late at night.  You'd think car manufactorers would develop something more reliable than the modern parking brake, which didn't do shit when I used it.  A much better brake would be a rubber belt around the crankshaft...  Anyway, have some gifs and pix!  (If you experience lag, lemme know and I'll nix a few gif)




Heard something interesting on the radio this morning...

From my experience working in public places, parents are most likely to set a bad example for their kids, especially around other parents (and kids).  Free stuff (above) always ellicits bad behavior.  Maybe if there were more of a security presence (below)...




(above pic from


(above pic from A Clockwork Orange... kinda looks like @ZJ, doesn't it?!)