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Night Light Town Night Light Town

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very attractive looking, and the light toggle is a very interesting touch. OK, it's not strictly a game, more of an interactive land to explore, but it's still amazing. Sure hope you don't give up on trying things like this. Not everything has to be a game or a story per se, but it'd be nice to get a little more in depth... huh, for some odd reason it reminds me of Zork, the first text game set below a normal house in the Great Underground Empire

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4 Axis Political Quiz 4 Axis Political Quiz

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good questions and I was perfectly satisfied with where I turned up on the 4 sliding scales. Only peeve would be how small the text was. I guess if you animated some guy/gal in a labcoat with a clipboard, had a VA read the questions, lots of graphics, medals, maybe export a 'shared creation' with the results... it'd be a 5 star quiz, but it's not necessary for such a legit quiz, nicely done!

Aliens Runs Aliens Runs

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Too many enemies spawn all at once, made it impossible to play,

Beach Ball Beach Ball

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The control of 3 balls with 2 buttons is kinda unique, but it's overly simple, only mode of play. Scoring seemed OK, but there's not a lot of vertical room to maneuver. Kinda fuzzy on what or where the knives can end the game... the front quarter seems OK, but the top and bottom of the balls seem vulnerable, I think, could use some explanation.

Prodigyps responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

A weird thing on a website A weird thing on a website

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Didn't give it the full bug test, but all the mini games seem to run fine, and the subject matter behind them was OK, if a bit random. Could've used a tad more gravity in the 'avoid the emptiness' earth jumping thing. Add some medals and a little extra content/context, and you'll be onto something.

Gurken responds:

Thanks for playing my game. It was a Test. Which one did you like the most? :)

NG Sketchbook Tour NG Sketchbook Tour

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Forgot how cool this was, but after seeing it again, I'm having trouble with some entry page art not showing up, and not playing the artist's VA announcement, are the pictures linked to the Art Portal (or is Flash being an old bitch)? Otherwise, I found this collab of collabs to be one of the best this site's produced.

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Sex Kitten WATTT (why are there teeth there?!) Sex Kitten WATTT (why are there teeth there?!)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Kinda dissappoint about almost finishing your this one, only to have been roped into settling down w/ a neutered Slutty McSlutpants :O (easy ending presumably)

Also, a 'jiffy', from what I gleaned from wiki, was a low down term for acting during a thunderstrike, which in sound terms could be as short as a 1/10 of a second... no big whoop, the other questions went well, since the more nerdy questions had the correct answer right at the top. Had fun looking up internal body cillia!

Caught 2-5 mis-hit keys in the text, but nooo problems with anything else. The stroyline (see, I'm no better dawg), characters, game/number mechanics all were above and beyond what I've come to expect from a FH game.
Gonna try for one of the other endings, as today's a good day for such endeavors ;)

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The Island The Island

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Aside from the simple and sometimes erroneous text, I rather liked it! The layout was perfect and easy to read. Checkpoint system worked very well. The script could've been a little more descriptive, and the addition of a few scenery pictures, would've made this game perfect.

Ancient Orb Ancient Orb

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Took me about 5-7 minutes to complete, excellent level design and gameplay mechanics! Good checkpoint placement, smooth visual effects, gems seemed to know I'll eventually need them all... it's short but completely enjoyable.

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For Harambe For Harambe

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

"You can't sell cereal with a dead gorilla.", best line of the game. Keep trying to get better quality picture transfers! It's much easier to appreciate your quirky writing and drawing styles when it's clean, clear, up close and personal. Embellish your visual work a little more (unmentioned things happening in the background, better settings, hats?, different angles) as well, or at least try it once, nothing flashy..

The audio does sound a little on the bassy side and possibly low quality bit rate, perhaps from conversion to Flash? Audio gets a passing grade like a B- but could be better, VA performers did a sweet job.

Another enjoyable game with a analytical and thoughtful script, always a pleasure! Oh, I didn't mind writing down the numbers (6/6 should be 5/5, whoops) but it would've been nice if each path completed had automatically been entered and/or if each path were backed up (in case of browser refresh or something, just nit-picking, pushing you to improve, for questionable reasons on my part.)

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DeSaGames responds:

Always a pleasure to read your feedback VicariousE!

Whilst I will happily take credit for the writing and production of this whole thing the art is made by an artist I've partnered with. We're slowly moving into digital territory and within the next couple of games I reckon we'll be using tablet drawn art so the overall quality of the pictures should definitely improve.
Audio quality is still a bit of a mystery to me with these things. I reckon if I export in a different fashion I might be able to get a much cleaner sound in the future without having to sacrifice the accuracy of each line.

There's still a bazillion things I want to work on and quite a few things down the pipeline. The feedback of people who have been here all the way since the beginning is always awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to review!