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2017-04-19 14:40:52 by VicariousE

Due to the subjective nature of my arcane knowledge and interests, I am unable to contribute anything particularly useful to Newgrounds at this time.  While its been increasingly difficult to enjoy the site's subject matter (mainstream cartoons, music, videogames, etc.) for a number of years, I've done my best to look past the click-bait packaging, and enjoy the talent and hard work of the submissions uploaded here... and I'm kinda tired of doing so.  My bullshit filtering glasses have become uncleanable, likely due to age and a blood disease I contracted from a tick bite in 2012. 

If I had any good sense, I should've went to Mexico or south-east Asia on a "medi-holiday" long ago.  Living in America used to be an equitable challenge, but thanks to the manipulations of bankers and businessmen, it has become a hostile paper tiger to an ever increasing number of its citizens (and the Western world too).

I'm truly at a loss for what good I can do in a place like Newgrounds anymore.

If anyone out there has any questions about the vageries of life as it appears to you, please ask it below.  I have been dilligently searching for your answers for quite some time now, in the hope I can be of service.


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2017-04-19 18:52:12

If it's been increasingly difficult to appreciate anyone whom in your opinion makes good music, does that not mean that people have changed, for better or for worse?

VicariousE responds:

Simple answer would be, yes. There are so many factors facing (and changing) a person as they go through their mortal existence. I'd guess 90% or more of a personality is locked in by the 'age of reason' (age 4-5 or so) is past. After that, many many years can go by before all the nuances finally rise to the surface.

Having worked with musicians and actors in the past, I know not everyone's gonna have a good day, every day. There's always an itch that drives one to become a performer, but sometimes: the itch goes away, becomes bearable/ubiquitous, gets worse, changes position. Bad enough music can be such a subjective art, both in its composition/performance/post-production and how it's received.

(Very generally speaking, I sure wish most people would record and master vocals independently of the instrumental track, sometimes it sounds (or tastes) like a perfect meal thrown into a blender... still tastes ok, but there's no contrast between the side dishes and the main course. In a perfect world, I'd love a mic and track on each drum, 2-3 per vocal, wow, maybe even 6 tracks for each guitar, straight from the pickups!)

But if you're referring to the person, not the music, well, that's just as subjective. There are a lot of actors (writers, musicians, politicians even) I like on stage, but don't like in real life. I didn't care for Madonna's music from the get-go, liked her personally even less, especially after her on-tour documentary went out on VHS. I never had the sense she valued her work, over and above what it could earn her. Some of the articles I've read (this century) quoting her former employees do show she's loyal to her inner circle, to a point... if she felt slighted in any way, the consequences were kinda extreme, and mostly unwarranted. Hard enough to manage an entertainment business with so many close relationships, I guess.

(At the risk of writing off-topic even further) Sometime in my late 30's I was made aware, that some women write a sort of 'moral checklist' - all or most of the boxes must be ticked, if there's any chance of a LTR leading to marriage... everything else is just causal playtime. I guess the question is, where the moral threshold lies, and how open you are... and in between is your tolerance level, which affects your emotions.

I hope this poor sinner's response to your question helps some. For stopping by, I'd offer you a doughnut and some tea/coffee, but maybe these wiki links will suffice. And remember, all art is derivative ( of something that's been done already ;) eg: Simpsons, majority of modern Hollywood flicks



2017-04-20 06:22:03

I feel your pain, but I intensely would not recommend Southeast Asia for a mediholiday. With maybe Singapore being the sole exception, but a tenuous one nonetheless.

VicariousE responds:

My brother spent 2 weeks there on a business trip, and as nice as it sounded on the surface... well, at least there's a variety of places on Earth. If I'm really serious about getting better ($?), gotta look closer to home first, Canada maybe, I know one two folks that might put me up for a little while.

I think it (Singapore) was one of the places where they pay elected officials a very generous salary... but also intimately keep tabs on them as well, and issue quite severe punishments if caught in official hanky-panky. Can only wonder if something like that could work in the West... likely too late for that


2017-04-20 15:23:31

Indeed, it's just good to hear from you.

VicariousE responds:

Oh shit, you heard that? Something nasty sounding woke me up this morning, and I hoarsely screamed at the world from my back porch... in an Eastern direction. Don't give a fuck if I disturbed Wegra, his neighbors look like the sort who scream anyway

Was having a decent dream too, just had a perfect haircut (wish my hair was that thick again), and one of the female barbers was juuuust beginning to give me a nice neck massage before I went about my apparently important, but happy day


2017-04-20 17:51:36

(FYI, and to carry on the conversation, such as it was)

First time I read the Wall Street Journal was in a smoky teacher's lounge at age 4. There were dirty jokes, some alcohol, once I smelled something greener than tobacco... Anyway, only one or two teachers bought newspapers, so I managed to coax the sports section from the condescending, anal male teacher :p Only thing that interested me, was the one or 2 articles on Indy and/or NASCAR racing. Was kinda hoping for a better section, but the guy was keen on preserving all his copies, unmolested at home, "They're expensive, maybe they'll be worht something, if I ever decide to sell them, which I'm not!"

"Have you -ever- gone back to look for an article since you began saving them?"

"Well, not really, I have a perfect memory." He was an awfully heavy smoker. After a month or two, they decided to kick me out so long as I promised to stay in the Kindergarten room between AM and PM classes.... I had to stay for both, because my Mom worked as a custodian there in the evenings, and picking me up would've broken her sleep, so I did a double duty. No AM bus service, so, that's how that went down IIRC

So yeah, been reading newspapers from the 1970's to the internet age (1990's) then stopped. I can tell you, many many stories I read are NOT to be found online, anywhere. Take for example the real life story behind https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crank_(film)

It really did happen. He bounced as they shown in the last few frames of the flick, and yea, he did survive for almost a week. I read 3 sidebar articles on the incident over the course of 2-3 months, the last one reporting his death. Sure made compelling reading!

"But, but, I never heard that, why isn't that in the Wiki??" Guy was a crook, a hitman, and a dead one at that, so that made it a free property. Same goes for old books that have expired copyrights (which can be extended by relations of the author).


2017-04-21 15:47:23

Yo. There was a space bomber but we shot it up, smashed into it with our Reeunk Afterburners and jacked the controls and made it dive into Jupiter. How's stuff?

VicariousE responds:

Oh shit that was you guise?? The old crackpots thought hackers or the CIA popped those transformers, but I guess most of it was another sun fart http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/

Getting better I guess, almost left a message for you on discord, but I'm still figuring out the butter-faec, autistic-fantastic interface. Still kinda on the fence about, well, really ANY site that you can use for free, Cloudflare included. This one guy's convinced it's run by the Pizzagate facilitators http://discordenablespedophiles.online/ Guess the once politically connected Backpage was an easier and older target... guess the interwebs war continues and spreads as the years turn into decades.


2017-04-22 05:08:38

How does one see the forest through the trees, when they are too many got damn trees??

(welcome back)

VicariousE responds:

IDK man, my peripheral vision is way better than most people's, another sign of borderline autism. First time an optometrist put me in the machine to test for visual dead-spots, he somehow thought I was cheating (can't beat the laser).

It's not so much about seeing the tree(s) as in accepting them. Even a single middling tree can cool and respirate, and be enough to inspire the brain to add a few more... guess it depends on how far you wanna travel in said forest.

Personally, anything growing out of the Earth can be either considered a weed (some pretty big ones out there) or a worthy plant. Thanks to foreign trade/bird seed, my former farm's now plagued by a creeping sappy vine, covered in little stickerballs. In the early 1980's it was somekinda Japanese briar that quickly forced out the kinder cat briar.... fucking stupid government. You think they would've learned from history (Australia, Florida, Hawaii, etc.) but nooooo, gotta catch 'em all ($$, not invasive pocket monsters)

(meh, thx)


2017-04-22 16:40:28

At least you're here. That is the main thing. You're at the party.

But what if the party is dead? Partly due to us all being dead and not realising it. Particles and Matter. Does it matter? Was the ride worth it? And I'm not just talking about dangerous Honda bikes. I'm talking about... fuck all! A little glucose for a little boost. Shit! The bastards have dropped the sugar content from 21.8 grams to 11.3 grams! "What the hell is goin' on?" said Neo Babson.

...... But yeah man, welcome back to the... what I would call a... freak show! But its the greatest freak show in town dude. Where else would you rather be? Where else would you rather pee but in those abandoned fields waiting to be taken, like Maggie Grace, but not going gracefully. Time to pick up the pace in the face of World Ruckus the Third. Fuck it, who cares...

VicariousE responds:

Part kinda sucks, when the Tomster's busy scouring his site looking for any and all copyrighted tunes, just to keep the lawyers away, when the bigger sites are almost literally getting away with murder. I'd love to stop down to the office and give Tom a birfday something, but suspect he's still in a funk of his own.

Yea sugar, salt, phat, gimmegimmegimme, ahhhh bogey, no birdie, no fabled eagle, desperately trying to dodge unseen chemical gamechangers.

Meh, the freakshow here's been populated from the stray sheep who escaped the big-top, knowing the tank's shadow provides hot shade from the cloudflare glare's purposeful uncertainty principle. I guess the biggest truth is, we all do care, but the things that bring us together shine dark waves upon our discourse, spoiling and sullying the well-meaning efforts. Diversity is the best thing, but the establishment weaponized it to further their grip on who remains.


2017-04-22 23:38:06

Nice to know you're still with us.

VicariousE responds:

Barely. The conflict of interest I have with this place is, how far outside of real life it's become. Hope I can find a nice birthday card for the maniac in charge, maybe a half eaten cat clinging to a swampy branch, "Hang in there!!1"