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Entry #101

Vault 101

2014-05-08 00:17:27 by VicariousE

Pico Day 2014 Pictures - 109 picutres, 187 MB, .ZIP  Each file is under 50 MB.

Listed in the reverse order they were taken... sorry.

Pico Day Stream 2014 by Cyberdevil

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Pico Day 2013 Pictures - 60 Pictures, 6 MB, .ZIP  Done on my father's cell phone.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Gasifier Plans .PDF (high temperature wood-to-hydrogen production, for use in internal combustion engines).  The gasoline to wood ratio is almost 1:10, but it kept many cars running through WWII, when gasoline/petrol was not available for civilian use.

For more information :

DOE (Department of Energy) Gasifier Applications/Data Sheets .PDF

Emergency clotting agent  This humble plant, called 'rabbit ear' or 'hile leaf (German)', can seal clean wounds.  Once I had a deep copper cut, and this leaf (using the underside of the leaf, for 15 minutes) managed to heal it (copper interferes with healing) quickly.  The key is, to get hurt while it's at maximum potency, May/June.  The length of the purple at it's stem, shows the potency; younger leaves work better.  (Thanks Cyberdevil!)

Oddly enough, it also beats back gangrene, as evidenced by my father's useage.  He had a crushed pinkie finger, which wasn't properly cleaned, it got infected.... at it's worst, the infection went halfway up his forearm.  A few months later, the surgeon who cut off was astounded it didn't gangrenous... said it was like cutting a piece of butter |:

It's curative properties may be hormonally based.  When eaten, it produced lactation in un-pregnant goats, and especially ponies |:  This plant is common in the NE of the US, unless you live on manicured lawns...



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